A Real Soul Singer – Lamone Andrews


Lamone Andrews is a “Real Soul Singer.”  He’s got range, tastefully done riffs and runs and a voice that makes you stop, pause and listen because it touches you at your innermost being. Along with that voice, he’s got the look and is very conscious about health and fitness.  However, beyond all of that, Lamone is laid back, relaxed and you can feel that he’s a genuine, good and kind-hearted person.  He’s easy to talk to.  No ego.   Just life and music.



Lamone, you are an artist.  What is your definition of an artist as it applies to you?

To me an artist is someone who has the ability to express themselves by creating a visual or mental picture, be it by way of canvas, musically, or dance! We can evoke emotion in you if the connection is made!

The road to being an artist where you are financially self-sustained by your art is a rocky one for most.  How’s that journey been for you?

It’s been a rough journey, especially when odds aren’t working in your favor, but well worth it, because I have the ability at the moment to guide my own path! I am the navigator!


You mentioned that you are married to your art (as most artists are).  The craft, which is your soul, comes first.  Does that leave any room for a special woman in your life?

It definitely leaves room, but the woman will just have to understand and utilize the space she has wisely!


Recognizing that the voice is an instrument – and one that you play extremely well, do you play any other instruments or have plans to learn how to play any?  Tell us why or why not.

I don’t. I really wish I had the time and patience to learn the piano, which would definitely help me musically, but I’m the type of person that gets frustrated if I can’t grasp it quick and easy!


You’re working with a steady band, The Rohn Lawrence Project.  How long have you been with them and how’s that working out?

I’ve been working with them off and on now for about 5 years. They’re always there if and when I need them and I am grateful because the music and the musicianship is exceptional.


Your original music is done by a couple of different people.  Give us the shout outs.

The usual crew I work with is Jay Rowe, Jay Lang, Chris Davis, and I’ll hire other musicians as needed, depending on the type of song I’m working on.


You even work via internet with one of your producers.  How does that situation work?

In today’s day and age, technology is so advanced that we can easily transfer music files via e-mail and internet, so in actuality, duets can be done without even actually being in the same studio as the other artist.


Usually, if a fan likes your music, they will like and appreciate everything that you do.   Like most artists, you have a body of work which includes a selection of songs that you haven’t released because you don’t feel they’re good enough, or the vibe of what you’ve done just doesn’t work for you.  How do you decide what songs to release and which ones not to?  And, because you don’t like something you did does that mean that your fans won’t?  How do you work that out?


I usually have a select group of friends and or fans whose opinion I’ll trust, but at the end of the day it’s really up to me and how confident and strongly I feel about the work.lamone3


Internet marketing.  It’s a struggle for most artists because it’s very time consuming.  How are you coming along with that process?  What’s your favorite platform for promotion and why?

I am not the best person to market myself, although I will and do, like you said it’s sooo time consuming, and being that I actually still work a full-time job, finding time can be a task in itself.


Do you have a street team to help with the process?

No I don’t.


What’s the main focus of the songs that you write? 

Most of the songs I write pertain to love. Not always from personal experiences either, some are situations I may know of or heard of.


As you look back over your artistic career, if you had the chance to do just one thing over, what would it be?

I would’ve gone to a music school or college.


And last but not least, what’s next for Lamone?

More good music for the heart and soul.