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We’re here to talk to the makers of art.  We want to share your soul and your journey with others.


Tomaca (to-may-sha)

no, I don't play guitar - just posing!
I founded INDIE SPIRIT MAGAZINE because I love music, I love art and I am fascinated by artists’  journeys.  If you are IT, then somehow you became IT – your art, your thing.  You do what you are because it is the thing that keeps you alive. How did you come to be?  What kind of things did you have to overcome?  How did you get there? What’s in your head?

I enjoy listening to people talk about themselves and their experiences.  I ask the hard questions, the thought provoking questions, the soul searching questions.  We want to get to know your journey from inside out and to share it others.  We don’t want to talk fluff or bullshit.  Just the truth of us, our souls, our creations.  The Independent Spirit – may it rock on forever.



 justin 8Justin Jay Beats

Justin creates a versatile selection of hip hop beats for sale along with unique hip hop instrumentals to fit in any of your projects. Our team of producers hold over 10 years of music production and recording engineering to assure the quality needed for your projects.  JustinJayBeats.com

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Gary Ramsey

gary rameseyjpg
Born in Kings Mountain, NC, I am the oldest of seven children.  My mother and father were workers in local cotton mills.

I grew up listening to music, so it only seemed natural that I become a music man.  From the age of 16 I have been playing and writing my own songs.

I have performed in bands Vycious, MACHINE, 13 and D*A*D*.

Thanks to the internet, I made new musical friends that I’ve done collaborations with:  Dawn Alberts of Fairhaven, CT, Sheldon Scrivner of Missoula,  Montana, Pekka Loikkanen of Savo Linna , Finland.

Music is my life and soul, so being an “Indie Spirit,” I like to be involved in spreading good music and good vibes everywhere.