Acknowledging An Icon – Jimi Hendrix



He was the man who revolutionized all music just by playing a guitar.  Jimi Hendrix could get sounds out of a guitar that amazed everyone and even until today, no other human being has been able to recreate those sounds and to play that instrument in the way he did.

Jimi was left handed and played a right handed guitar that he restrung so that it was actually upside down.  He was a phenomenon, a freak of nature and he caught the attention of every guitar player in the world.

Because “famous” rock guitarists were not able to do what he did with a guitar, engineers began creating equipment that you could plug up to a guitar to make those other kinds of sounds.  Something Jimi did naturally.

Technology has taken over and this kind of equipment is affordable.  You could even pick up something like the behringer sm200.  When you do, make sure you say thank you to Jimi for making such things possible.