Addis-i – Give A Little Love


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TIC: Let’s start with the name – Addis-i. What is the meaning of it and did you choose that name or was it given to you?


ADDIS-i: Greetings to all and to all the happiest of times to you. The name means new flower, new beginning, new creation. And for some unknown reason there is always something new in my life.

lionThe name Addis is from the capitol of the African country Ethiopia. I choose the name at the age of 19 after I became a member of a band with a mission from God. We became a part of a musical union. While filling out the application there was a line that required a stage name and mine became Addis i.



You’ve toured a lot and opened for artists who are signed with
major record labels. First, what was touring like – did you enjoy it, not
enjoy it?


Addis-i: Hmmmm, Yes I’ve been on stage with many major acts. It all started back in the U.S Virgin Islands. There was a time it became very tiring, but once you walk out on that stage, the fans, the music and all that comes which tends to give you all the energy you will ever need to make it through that night.