Alicia Keys: Finding Purpose Beyond Music and Hitting All the Right Notes

aliciaThe Grammy-winning singer and songwriter discusses her own keys to success

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Mike  Zimmerman  November 30, 2009 

A couple of years ago, a woman approached Alicia Keys before she went onstage for a show and asked if she would be playing her 2005 hit “Unbreakable” that night. “I really don’t know,” Keys replied with a shrug. Her set list wasn’t final yet. Then the woman said, “Well, when I was going through chemotherapy I played ‘Unbreakable’ every day and now I’m two years cancer-free.”

Keys, of course, froze up. How do you respond to that? Well, you play “Unbreakable,” for one. But that moment brought a life-altering revelation: The literal business you’re in isn’t necessarily the real business you’re in. Keys, for example, was literally in the music business, but she was truly in the inspiration business. “That moment sends chills up and down my body every time I talk about it. It makes me feel amazing. I figured, if there’s a way for me to do business that can inspire people to that level, that’s the business I want to be in.”

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