Art is Visual


The internet is the perfect place for this world full of visual learners.  We can include pictures and bells and whistles in our posts and our web correspondence with our fans.  As artists we become more memorable to people through the imagery that is included with our music – videos and pictures.  Visual learners will remember us.  They will decide what they like or don’t like based on what you give them to look at.

They say the standard rule is that you have 3 seconds to grab someone’s attention.  On the web, that means if they click on your website, they are going to make an decision to stay or to leave in 3 seconds.  If you are applying for a job or meeting someone for the first time, they sum you up in 3 seconds or less.  Yep.  Before anything even comes out of your mouth, they’ve made a decision.  Either they will find you to be interesting or not, worthy of a conversation or not.

3 seconds.  We can’t say it enough.  Think about it.  How do you respond to a new situation or person?  You are guilty of using the 3 second rule also.  It’s an instinctive and automatic thing that we have set up in our brains.

Make sure that you engage your fans with bells and whistles.  That includes the freebee giveaways of music and your fun advice.   However, before you can get them to those freebees, you’ve got to grab their attention with your dazzling website and apps.

They say “a picture contains a thousand words.”  Well, for us visual learners, that picture may contain a million words or so!  And because we are visual, we will remember the picture and all the words that we’ve associated with it!

Make sure that you are using professional images on your websites. It is worth spending the money for a good photographer and a really good web designer.  They are going to help you with those essential 3 seconds of potential new fans.  Beyond that, once you’ve got them engaged, you want to keep their attention and you want them to remember who you are, what your music is like, you’ve said and where your next gig is.  Associated imagery is key to getting your message across to the technology driven, slightly attention deficit internet audience.

Quality videos that help tell the story of your music are an excellent add.  Though professional video production is every expensive, you can do it yourself.  Just make sure that you are using a really good video camera (the more pixels, the better), take your time and edit the video nicely and post it.  This helps you to tell the story of the song or the art that you are portraying in an even heightened manner and the visuals feed into —(drum roll) —- our visual learning style.  Simple!

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