Artists – Are You Blogging?

The purpose of Indie Spirit Magazine is not so much to highlight artists, but more so to highlight the process.  We want you to show other people how you do what you do – what the process is like – and why you do it.
It’s challenging for many artists who have to work a job that seemingly has nothing to do with the art form that they practice in order to pay the bills and to survive.  Many of us are in the same boat all canoeing down the river at the same time.  The difference is in how we incorporate our art into what we are doing at any given moment.  How does welding relate to writing a song?  How does answering the phones and helping customers relate to painting a picture?  In essence, it is all in the same thing.  It’s a matter of perspective or perhaps spirituality and knowing.  Everything is everything.  But, okay, we won’t get too deep here.  If you want to have a discussion about it or want me to explain further, I am happy to.  Just send an email.

We want to encourage you to share your experience with the world by blogging.  If you don’t have a blog, you should.  Let us know how you do it.  By sharing your experience, you could help someone else along the way.  Be a part of it.  Blog.

The other side of this – to plead to your vanity – is that by blogging your fans can learn more about you.  It’s a fantastic form of marketing and will help your fan base grow.  They really like your music or your painting, etc., that means they’d like to know more about you.  When is the next song going to be ready?  Why is it taking so long?  Why are you using a different drummer in the band now?  Etc.  These are their questions.  Answer them.  Let them be the “squirrel in your world.”  Blog.

Here are three top reasons why you should blog:

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