Daman Maina – I Used To Be A Street Boy

Daman says with pride that he used to be a street boy because he is no more.  God saved him from the streets and put him in the care of Christians.  They taught him about a new way of life and by exposing him to music opened up his innate musical gifts which he happily shares with the world.  From Nairobi, Kenya, we give you Daman Maina.



You said you used to be a “street boy.”  What is a street boy?

Here they call them”chokoras” those who eat and survive on the streets…homeless people\children who live on the streets.
You have overcome some very tough challenges that you experienced when you were young.  Looking back at who you were and who you are now, what do you feel those experiences taught you or gave you?

They taught me courage and hope in life. I gained survival skills and learned to always stretch a helping hand to those in need.
You started singing in the boys choir for the church.  Music opened up your life and gave you a new feeling.  Can you describe that feeling for us?

Yes for the orphanage {formally known as Mt Kenya orphanage and street children’s home} they say music is a universal language and so I was able to learn how to even communicate with people of different walks of life. The feeling was redeeming and fulfilling.
D2You sing gospel music, praise music.  Do you sing about other subjects also, or do you stay with praise songs?

I also sing about other subjects..e.g.. love, political, and society issues.


Are you involved in the composition of the music that you use? 

Yes indeed! I compose and write my own music.


Do you play any instruments or focus on just the voice?

I focus on both guitar and voice . . perfecting my skills every day.


Your first cd is entitled Wi Mwega Jesu (Jesus you are good).  When did you complete this project?

2011 – the completion of my first CD.


What were some of the obstacles that you faced when trying to get this done and how did you overcome them?

Finances, getting a good studio was a challenge also. Post production was the also a big issue. I overcame by prayers, help from friends and aggressive marketing.

Where can people buy your cd?

On itunes and local music stores and also on skiza downloads.


Do you perform and where?

in weddings,hotels…randomly..


What are your goals as an artist and how do they fit in with your life goals — or at they one in the same?

Growing musically and impacting the society in a positive way(sharing the gifting)


Are you promoting and marketing your music?  And if so, how successful have you been and how do you measure success?

Yes! on TV stations, internet, on one with my fans. I measure my success by the lives of people changed and by them knowing the true freedom in Jesus Christ. I’ve come to know that by sharing my gifting I learn a lot and gain a lot at the same time:]


If you had the opportunity to sit down and talk to absolutely anyone, who would it be and what would you talk about?

That would be Dr Dre..about the youth talents in Kenya. It’s massive..he would be amazed by it.and on how he needs to sign in young talents from Africa. Africa rising.
What are you looking for your music to give you and to bring you?

Opportunity, growth and a chance to travel the world among the greats!


Where and how would you like to be ten years from now?

A happier, richer version of myself.