Darcell – Being Discovered


A lot of musical artists believe that talent is all they need to get signed and to move into the heights of notoriety.  Once you put yourself out there seeking to be discovered by a major label, you learn that it’s not about talent.  Instead it’s about being a “package” or what a company may believe to be the latest, greatest thing that they can make lots of money from.  As Darcell discovered, being humble and focusing on who you are as a human being is really all you need.



Exactly what is it that you are looking for in terms of your musical/artistic journey?  What do you hope to gain?


My greatest desire in my journey as an artist is to touch the hearts of everyone that hears my music and experiences my art. I want to inspire people on this planet to love each other once again. I want to be recognized as a global tour de force.


You moved from Dallas to LA and didn’t find the success you wanted.  You were even at the point of homelessness, living out of your car.  What was the homeless experience like and what did you learn from that?

When I decided to move to L.A., I believed that I would “be discovered” in a few days. The problem for me was that I hadn’t discovered who I was as a man. I was so focused on what I was coming to L.A. to get that I never once considered what I was bringing. The first night I went to sleep in my car was a humbling and humiliating experience. I quickly learned that talent only makes you eligible for success but it certainly doesn’t guarantee it. Being homeless changed me tremendously. I began to understand that I had to approach everything about my dream like a business. It wasn’t enough to want it bad if I didn’t make it happen. Homelessness also showed me that I had the courage to endure extreme hardships and never give up. When I stopped looking for the hook up and learned how to be the hook up I began to experience success


DARCELL_Promo1How did the thought to move to LA come about?

Honestly I moved to L.A. on a whim. A friend gave me a ticket to L.A. for my birthday. I ended up backstage at the American Music Awards and moved to L.A. a few weeks later. It was meant to be.


Why didn’t you find what you were looking for?

Actually I did, I found myself and that was more than I could have ever dreamed of.


How difficult is it to be an independent artist — or is it difficult?

For me being an independent artist is beautiful. I am able to make every decision that relates to my vision, purpose and creativity. Of course having that major label machine behind me would make some things a lot easier, but right now I’m cool with the direction my career is going.

As for most indie artists, music does not support them financially.  How do you support yourself and your family at this point?

Music supports me 100%, business is good.


What are you plans going forward?

My plan moving forward is to continue to be true myself. The one thing I am sure of is that I am called to greatness.