Darryl Carter – The Sky Is The Limit

Every town, every state has icons – artists who have been in the area and stand out far above the rest.  They have “IT,” that magic, the talent, the presence…and when you are experiencing them in their artistic mode, you can’t help but pay attention.  And when the show is over, they leave you wanting more because the experience was amazing.   Darryl Carter is that type of performer.  He is that type of icon.  He shares some of his experience and insight with Indie Spirit Magazine.


When and how did you start singing and what made you decide to make a life long career out of it?

I started singing professionally at the age of 10. A woman named Mary Burell was my manager. She had me singing in a variety of venues all over CT, NY, NJ and PA.  Making a career out of it was just a natural progression and continuation of what I was doing.   I knew I could make money because of the way people responded to me when I performed.  It gave me the confirmation that this was the thing for me to do.


Who is your greatest vocal inspiration?  Though all artists have their own unique style, is there a singer or artist that you pattern yourself after most?

Besides my father, Stevie Wonder, Peabo Bryson, Donny Hathaway, and Michael Jackson were my greatest vocal inspirations and influences when I was young.  I have always liked Cameo, EWF, Frankie Beverly, Commodores, etc. I take bits and pieces from them all and make my own ingredients for myself.


Why hasn’t Darryl Carter gone on to be signed to a record label?

I’ve worked on a lot of recordings with artists from various labels, but prior commitments delayed me from actually pursuing a full commitment to the art. But things are in the works for this year and approaching 2013.


You have the gifted ability and the talent to direct a band and to get them to give you what you need as a vocalist.  How did you develop that skill?  If you were telling a younger person how to get what you needed from the musicians during their performance, what would you tell them? 

My father, John Carter, who was also a singer in his own right, taught me everything about vocals, half notes, sharp notes, dynamics, mic control and stage presence. He was the best at it. So I am grateful to have learned from this wonderful man who was a great vocalist, performer, entertainer – and my father.  (Rest In Peace Pops.)

In terms of dealing with the music, first and foremost, one has to listen to learn. You have to listen to the best in order to be the best. Developing a good ear is essential.  For someone just starting out, if you learn how to listen, then listen to learn, you will succeed.  You will gain the understanding and the knowing of what you need in order to do your best and bring the best out of everyone else in the group.  This is key.

Recognizing that you yourself are an instrument as a vocalist, dancer and entertainer, do you play any other instruments?

I have experience with the workings of bass, drums, piano and percussion.


Do you have any plans to do record any originals at some point?

As long as I’m singing I will always have plans to record originals.


What projects are you currently involved in now?

I’m currently working with a variety of different groups.

What’s next for Darryl Carter?

The World – The Sky is the limit baby!!