Deejay K.I. – Keeping the Music Flowing

TIC:   Is this something that you feel anyone can develop the ability to do or is a certain innate something required?

DJ K.I.:  I believe that anyone can develop the technical aspect of djki_3deejaying, but a good deejay has the ability to work a crowd, this is what separates the bedroom deejay from a professional club deejay.

TIC:   In the pursuit of any art and creation, most of us spend far more than we make.  What kind of expenses are involved to become a professional DJ?  People think that you need turntables, records and headphones – is there much more involved?

DJ K.I.:  Those items are just the tip of the iceberg for a deejay in this age. With the advent of digital mixing, deejays are required to have laptops, hard drives, software, soundcards and tools for music production. Professional deejays are affiliated with record pools, music associations, and attend conferences to keep up with the latest developments in the field.
TIC:   You play other people’s music.  By mixing the music do you feel that you are enhancing it – or what is your goal?

DJ K.I.:  The club deejay does something that is musically creative by carefully choosing songs and stringing them together to make a continuous flowing set. Whether the deejay chooses dramatically juxtapose songs or unnoticeably overlay and mix them together, he/she creates something new and unique which ultimately enhances the original product. The goal of a good deejay is to take something great and make it even greater by way of his/her craft.

TIC:   What are your tools to create when you are performing live?  (Is vinyl still available, or are you using cds, MP3s – what?)

DJ K.I.:  I use turntables, CD players, mixers, samplers, production software, effects units and keyboards. The formats are CDs, vinyl, MP3s and digital vinyl which are used to manipulate and trigger video. I use digital vinyl, “Serato” records 80% of the time when performing live. Vinyl is still available, there are still quite a number of deejays who use solely vinyl. Vinyl is on the comeback in Europe, Japan and in the UK.


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