Deejay K.I. – Keeping the Music Flowing

TIC:   How do you know when you’ve come up with a successful mix? 

DJ K.I.:  The set/mix will start in a certain place and take the crowd through highs and lows, light and shade, through major and minor keys. Their reaction is the final test of a successful mix, only then will you know if it works or not.

TIC:   When you find a certain sequence or flow that works, do you repeat it or is every performance different? 

DJ K.I.:  Deejay mixes/sets can start off subtle and continue to build people up, increasing the energy and excitement to a crescendo before rapidly dropping back down. Sometime a deejay will end his set at this crescendo. The important feature of the deejay mix/set is the journey that it takes its audience on is never repeated twice.

TIC:   What is the process in deciding whether or not to play someone’s music during a show?

DJ K.I.:  You need to decide if the track has the sound that you want to convey for your set. The standards sound quality, mastering, extended intro, outro, 12 inch acapellas, instrumentals, over dub mixes are all important in deciding to play a record or not during a show. 

TIC:   What determines when a DJ becomes a pro? 

DJ K.I.:  There are a number of factors; consistent audience draw in large venues, promoters/booking agents and labels start calling you instead of you calling them, having a residency at a popular venue, and of course, the ability to command a large amount of compensation to appear.  


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