Discovering The Art Inside Her


Artists can draw something that seems magnificent on a little piece of paper, which is something that Clevy can do.

She plays instruments, reads music, is a former basketball star and highly athletic.  She now adds art to who she is and what she does.


Today, she is a captain in the Army.  She has been falsely arrested and faces false accusations based on a false narrative.  Her family is raising money for her legal defense and seeks public support.  Please read more here: and


We never know what kind of artistic ability is sitting dormant inside of us until we begin to explore ourselves.


A young college student, Clevy Nelson-Royster, took an art class and was delighted to discover what she could do.  Though the teacher went into great details to discuss and demonstrate how to create the picture the class was working on, Clevy found she didn’t need that.  A palate of designs and colors already lived inside of her and were awakened.