Do You Need An App?

More and more people are connecting to the internet on their mobile devices, and most websites are still designed with desktops in mind.  When people sit in front of a computer screen, they’re physically detached from the interaction they have with the website – but with a device, they can feel the object in their hand, and they can shake it, spin it, and move it. Mobile devices have a whole host of technology built into them, allowing people to interact with the digital environment beyond the standard point-and-click that desktops offer. Tapping into this potential is a great way to provide users with a more engaging experience. With apps, users want to complete a single goal in as few taps on their screen as possible.

Do you really need an app or is your website enough?

Well, that depends.  Is your website resizable in that no matter what is used to hit your site, will your website adjust?  Is it laptop friendly?  Is is computer friendly?  Is it i-phone or android friendly?  If that answer is yes, then that’s great.  If it’s no, then you need to get with a webmaster and get it hooked up.

What’s the difference between an app and a website?

The most significant difference is that apps allow push notifications.   Push notification allows an app to notify you of new messages or events without the need to actually open the application, similar to how a text message will make a sound and pop up on your screen. This is a great way for apps to interact with us in the background, whether it be you telling your app holders about a new song or a new upcoming event.

Here’s an excellent example of an application that is fully functional and helps realtors get their job done by providing a real estate closing checklist.  Put your band minds together and come up with some fun and functional ideas for your band’s app.

All in all, if you want your fans to walk around with you or your band on their mobile device, then you want an app because you can connect with them instantly and a little more personally than you will through your website.  They have to visit your website, but your band app is always in their hands.

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