Music Workshops – Learn from one of the Best in the Industry

Attention all Indie Artists and Music Institutions:


Dr. Richard Niles, who has three decades of experience in the major music industry is now sharing his knowledge and expertise through his Professional Music Workshops. Never heard of him? Well, people like Tina Turner, Pat Methany, Denise Williams, Mariah Carey (and the list goes on and on) are just a few of the people that he was worked with.

Check out the presentation and get in touch with Dr. Niles today. On an indie tip, most of us indies have wide affiliations with other artists in our area. Why not get together as a group and make arrangements to have the good doctor come to your area? Musically, everybody wins.


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UPDATE:  1/4/2010:Richard Niles, songwriter, producer, arranger and author of Hal Leonard Books’ “The Pat Metheny Interviews” has added another award to his long list of awards:
The Music Aid Song Contest and Music Awards 2009

Winner for “Best Songwriter” along with Korean vocalist/pianistYounee. Niles and Younee have just completed a tour of the U.K.’s top jazz clubs.

Check out Richard and Younee jamming in the UK on

The CD “True To You” is available from or CD Baby.