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  • Sarro Sarro from Senegal

    Sarro Sarro from Senegal

    One thing great about Indie Spirit Magazine is that we are bringing you artists from all over the world.  Sometimes there are language barriers, but the music and the art is universal.  We prefer not to make edits to people’s english because we want you to feel as if you are speaking to the artist […]

  • “Drumming is the Real Food of Life” – Kebba Bojang

    Gambia located in the western part of Africa, is one of the smallest countries and the most peaceful.  Sanyang, a village in Gambia, is well known for its sandy white beach – Paradise Beach – and draws tourists from everywhere. Kebba Bojang was born there.  Born into this place where drumming, dance and music is […]

  • Mané – Promoting the Music and Culture of the Senegalese

    Introducing the creator and founder of Senegal’s premiere internet music magazine, Ndèye Mané Toure. We are interviewing the interviewer to understand why she created this vehicle to highlight the music and the artists from her country. What got you interested in interviewing artists? Why did you start doing this? I am very pleased in interviewing […]