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  • Singer, Pianist, Arranger Jerry Hull

    Singer, Pianist, Arranger Jerry Hull

    Jerry grew up singing and playing piano in churches and choirs in the deep south – particularly Memphis. Often, he was accompanied by his father (an accomplished guitarist) and his four sisters, a melodic quartet. When he reached adulthood, he spent 24 years living and gigging on the road from Memphis’ Beale Street and night […]

  • Hanging Out With The Porch Authority

    Hanging Out With The Porch Authority

    Playing in the genre of acoustic retro-rock porch music, The Porch Authority is comprised of veteran players who have found that their playing style complements each other very well.  They are:  Jonathan “Tucker” Deese – Guitar, Vocals, Dave “The Dave” Massengale – Bass, Guitar, Vocals and Doug “Doug” Holmes – Keyboards, Vocals While doing cover […]

  • The Banjo

    The Banjo

    Culturally and historically the banjo is a mediator among African and European American cultures. Significantly, this mediation is fraught with a history of racism, classism, sexism, and erasure. The outline of that story may be followed in the history of minstrelsy, the attempted class and gender elevation of the banjo in the late nineteenth century, […]

  • Sankofa Strings

    Sankofa Strings

     From time to time we like to cover interesting instruments and their players.  A search for African American mandolin players netted us this wonderful find:   Before the Blues—and electricity–turned the world of popular music upside-down in the early 20th Century, communities made their own music, playing for parties, dances, corn shuckings, funerals, baby namings […]

  • Oran Gipson

    Oran Gipson

      Submitted by Bobbie Mercy Oliver, Texas, USA   I am going to introduce to my friends, fans and family my studio musician, Oran Gipson.  Oran was born into a musical family in Carthage, Texas.  His father,   “James Gipson “plays a mean guitar in the style of Chuck Berry and to me he sort a […]

  • Blues Boy Willie

    Blues Boy Willie

        Submitted by Bobbie Mercy Oliver, Texas, USA   This month’s interview will be with one of my friends and blues musician, Blues Boy Willie of Amarillo, Texas.  I first heard Blues Boy Willie on the radio singing,”Be Who.” Everybody was talking about that song and Blues Boy Willie. I was saying,”Who is this […]

  • Jay”Blue Jay”Jourden

    Jay”Blue Jay”Jourden

    Submitted by Bobbie Mercy Oliver, Texas This month I am presenting to you a personal friend and musician, Jay”Blue Jay”Jourden. Jay and I met through a mutual friend or two, LOL. We were chosen along with Billy Jones Bluez and Thornetta Davis to participate in an online Blues Festival on Internet radio,livewithandrea on Blog Talk […]

  • Tony “Mojo” Morgan

    Tony “Mojo” Morgan

    This month I will be interviewing, Tony Morgan, aka, Mojo Morgan from the UK. Tony and I share a mutual interest, our love for the blues music.  Without further ado, I present to you, Tony”Mojo”Morgan. BO:  How did you decide to become a blues artist? BM:  I didn’t decide Bobbie!  It was just a feeling […]

  • Ramona from Arkansas

    Ramona from Arkansas

    Submitted by Bobbie & Eva Oliver, Texas   Greetings and well wishes!  This month I am featuring a very special talented person, none other than, Ramona from the great city of Little Rock, Arkansas via Pasadena, California. This young lady needs no special  introduction, her works speak for themselves. With no further ado, I give […]

  • Jawbone and Jolene

    Jawbone and Jolene

      Submitted by Bobbie & Eva Oliver, Texas This month I am featuring a husband and wife duo, Jawbone and Jolene, two of the nicest blues friends I have met in a long time. We became friends on Myspace before we met up at Juanita’s in Little Rock, Arkansas at the Thursday night Blues Jam, […]