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  • The Artist-Producer Relationship

    The Artist-Producer Relationship

    Submitted by Justin Jay Beats   Acquiring instrumentals is definitely important when putting together any type of song project. In fact, many artists go through thousands of beats before they find the few that they can truly connect with. On a similar note, finding the right producer is almost just as difficult. Years ago when […]

  • Tips For Producers for Selling Beats On-Line

    Tips For Producers for Selling Beats On-Line

        by Justin Jay Beats Selling beats online can be extremely frustrating, especially with all these complicated methods that all sound overwhelming. The key is actually to simplify your strategy by breaking it down to the basics and discovering what you do best in marketing. When it comes to online marketing, you must try […]

  • Justin Jay Beats and How Hip Hop Moved Him

    Justin Jay Beats and How Hip Hop Moved Him

    We all know that music itself is life and it moves us all.  For Justin, hip hop music impacted his soul and the culture that goes along with it helped him to define himself as a human being, as a man and as an artist.  He’s extremely successful in selling the beats he makes and […]

  • Keeping Up the Gear

    Keeping Up the Gear

    Doing music is fun.  It comes with it challenges — it’s ups and downs, but there’s absolutely nothing like that flow once it starts flowing and all the sounds start to come together.  When the music comes to you, it’s a gift – to you.  It’s a talent that you’ve developed into a finely tuned […]

  • Deejay K.I. – Keeping the Music Flowing

    Artists make music.  We want that music to be heard ideally worldwide. A part of that process is the deejay, the person who chooses what music is played at various venues. Thanks to Arienda Caron for arranging the following interview with DJ K.I. from Canada.  His work is an integral part of the music process.    TIC:  DJ-ing […]