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  • The Greats Series – Michael

    Somestimes our little planet is grace with gods of varying sorts who have the power to change things on a global scale.  Their talent is unquestionable.  Their appeal is undeniable.  Millions all over the globe embrace these sacred individuals who the Creator sends to us to show us about our own lives.  I believe without […]

  • The Greats Series – Lena Horne

    Lena Mary Calhoun Horne (born June 30, 1917) is an American singer and actress. She has recorded and performed extensively, independently and with other jazz notables, including Artie Shaw, Teddy Wilson, Billy Strayhorn, Duke Ellington, Charlie Barnet, Benny Carter, and Billy Eckstine. She currently lives in New York City and no longer makes public appearances. […]

  • The Greats Series – Brook Benton

    I chose Brook Benton because I have an emotional attachement.  Yes, I remember “A Rainy Night In Georgia,” “Think Twice,” “Revenge,” “Frankie & Johnny” and more.  My Dad would play his music freqently.  And, I recently found out that Brook Benton was my mother’s favorite.   We just celebrated her 87th birthday and Book Benton’s music played for the […]

  • The Greats Series

    I spent most of my adult life singing cover tunes and thus my ear was crafted toward imitating everyone.  Certainly, I put my own spin on whatever I sang, but for the most part, unfortunately, I spent all my time mimicking the popular top 40 songs that the band was performing.   Though I have a […]