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  • King Wallace New Release

    King Wallace New Release

    Sargent at Arms. King is the second artist to record under the NXR Umbrella. Faith, Family and Community are the core of KW life and it shows in his music. Since 13 years old he has been using his creativity to escape the trials and tribulations of growing up in the city Detroit. As a […]

  • Garret Rein – I Have Always Wanted to be Heard

    Garret Rein – I Have Always Wanted to be Heard

    Let’s talk about that unique voice you have.  Have you ever had any vocal training or do you just sing? Everything I have done as a musician, including singing is all self taught. Is there someone that you model your singing style after?  Who influenced you? As I began to sing lyrics to my songs, […]

  • Choosing A Keyboard

    Choosing  A Keyboard

    We found a great informative article for someone who wants to understand the different types of keyboards that are available.  Choosing a keyboard is dependent upon what you hope to accomplish with it.  Whether you want to be an actual pianist who learns how to play or you want to use it for recording and […]

  • The Show Goes On

    The Show Goes On

    Lots of us band members have the innate determination that the show must go on no matter what. Sometimes it shouldn’t. It’s happened to me twice where a band member nearly passed out during the gig. Once, a drummer, who had been having heart problems, was told by his doctor to relax and take it […]

  • Making Cable Connections

    Making Cable Connections

    It never ceases to amaze me that whatever kind of cable or equipment connection/connector you  are looking for is available.  If you can think about what you want to hook up, then it can be done.   Over the years I’ve been challenged to really think creatively in terms of connecting various types of connections […]

  • Journeying into the “Article of Faith”

    Journeying into the “Article of Faith”

    How many of us actually plan our lives?  Most of us simply take the ride and interject the things that we would like to do and like to accomplish along the way.  This is the story as told by Jeff from the band Article of Faith.  Jeff’s journey begins early on with music and the […]

  • Jonny’s Guitar Lessons 4 U!

    Jonny’s Guitar Lessons 4 U!

    We found Jonny on twitter.  We recognized that he was young, and we also saw that he was answering a lot of questions that other people had about guitars and playing the guitar.  We enjoyed his excitement when he announced the launch of his his very first guitar training video.  We admire the fact that […]

  • Justin Jay Beats and How Hip Hop Moved Him

    Justin Jay Beats and How Hip Hop Moved Him

    We all know that music itself is life and it moves us all.  For Justin, hip hop music impacted his soul and the culture that goes along with it helped him to define himself as a human being, as a man and as an artist.  He’s extremely successful in selling the beats he makes and […]

  • Sonny Rollins – One Of Our Great Saxophonists

    Sonny Rollins – One Of Our Great Saxophonists

    Sonny Rollins is quite simply one of the greatest tenor saxophone players who ever lived.  He has played with some of jazz’s greatest talents, including Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Art Blakey.  Known primarily for his work in the field of post-bop, Rollins has one of the most distinctive voices in the genre. […]

  • Transitioning from 4 to 6 Strings on Bass

    Transitioning from 4 to 6 Strings on Bass

    If you are transiting to 6 string bass guitars, from the standard 4, or even 5 string model gives you more range which means being able to play more lower pitched notes and/or higher pitched notes. The more strings, the more notes and with more strings you don’t have to shift around the neck of […]

  • Getting the Connections Right

    Getting the Connections Right

    It is recommended that you use 12 gauge cable for your speaker connections.  Twelve gauge is rated as among the best.  You need something that has the strength and durability to withstand more than everyday use. No one needs to tell you that your cable is your sound. Superior wiring allows your signal to be […]

  • Daman Maina – I Used To Be A Street Boy

    Daman Maina – I Used To Be A Street Boy

    Daman says with pride that he used to be a street boy because he is no more.  God saved him from the streets and put him in the care of Christians.  They taught him about a new way of life and by exposing him to music opened up his innate musical gifts which he happily […]