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  • Dovetail – Being Connected to One Another

    Dovetail – Being Connected to One Another

    Let’s start off with a typical question – who started Dovetail? Aaron:  Dovetail started way before it even had a name.  Philip and I had been playing music together in many forms for a few years before Dovetail.  I was started by four people. Philip, Daniel, Scott and myself. Our first EP was recorded before […]

  • 100 Greatest Male R&B/Soul Vocalists

    100 Greatest Male R&B/Soul Vocalists

    1. Jackie Wilson 2. Roy Hamilton 3. Clyde McPhatter 4. Sam Cooke 5. Marvin Gaye 6. Tony Williams (Platters) 7. Solomon Burke 8. Levi Stubbs (Four Tops) 9. Little Willie John 10. Al Green 11. Smokey Robinson 12. Luther Vandross 13. Ronald Isley (Isley Brothers) 14. Sam Moore (Sam & Dave) 15. Stevie Wonder 16. […]

  • Artists with the Hands

    Artists with the Hands

    If you ever had a massage, you know what heaven is.  Sessions can be tailored to fit your individual needs to help manage pain, relieve stress, and balance body, mind and spirit. What is massage? Massage is a general term for pressing, rubbing and manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Massage therapists typically use […]

  • How Do You Mike Your Drum Kit for Recording?

    How Do You Mike Your Drum Kit for Recording?

    Obtaining great drum quality for your recordings is not a great mystery.  You can develop the skill to get the full sound that you are looking for.  Cheap audix at musicians friend is a good place for your mic search for your whole kit. The room is key because it has an influence over the sound.  […]

  • Do You Need An App?

    Do You Need An App?

    More and more people are connecting to the internet on their mobile devices, and most websites are still designed with desktops in mind.  When people sit in front of a computer screen, they’re physically detached from the interaction they have with the website – but with a device, they can feel the object in their […]

  • Who Cleans Your House?

    Who Cleans Your House?

      Time is everything.  Artists need to be able to focus on their art.  We work, take care of the kids, make sure the bills are paid, cook and clean too, right?  Then around 9:00 pm or 10:00 pm, we can sit at our keyboards or pick up the guitar and start to work on […]

  • Getting Your Music Placed – Bobbi Tammaro

    Getting Your Music Placed – Bobbi Tammaro

          Some practical advice from producer, Bobbi Tammaro.   We received this as an email and asked for his permission to repost on our site.  Indie Spirit Magazine does not endorse any specific producers – or artists for that matter.  We are sharing what Bobbi wrote because he is proven in the industry, his […]

  • Acknowledging An Icon – Jimi Hendrix

    Acknowledging An Icon – Jimi Hendrix

        He was the man who revolutionized all music just by playing a guitar.  Jimi Hendrix could get sounds out of a guitar that amazed everyone and even until today, no other human being has been able to recreate those sounds and to play that instrument in the way he did. Jimi was left […]

  • The “Veriations” of the Soul of Veronique

    The “Veriations” of the Soul of Veronique

        Tell us about your logo.  Not many people will recognize the ankh.  Why do you have an ankh at the center?  What purpose does it serve you? My logo was designed to make a statement. The ankh represents life; the creation of life; an inspiration of life. GOD gives me the inspiration that […]

  • Pain & A Little Common Sense

    Pain & A Little Common Sense

      There’s a thought that drugs and rock and roll go hand in hand.  If someone is a musician with long hair playing rock music, they get high.  They drink and drug.  Perhaps this was the case with a few of history’s legends, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin,Whitney, Paul Gray and others.  These people are the […]

  • Skateboarding – Wood & Wheels

    Skateboarding – Wood & Wheels

      Skateboarding is an art.   Once you get to be good at it you begin to feel a freedom that you haven’t known before.  It’s sailing through the air with nothing to stop you. We’re given a history that says it started in the 1950s when California surfers got the idea of trying to surf […]

  • The Best Drummer in the World

    The Best Drummer in the World

        Is there really such a thing?  No, I mean really?  For anyone you name, someone else can name someone who is a step ahead.  Their knowledge of music extends far beyond the person you can name.  So then, think of someone else and guaranteed there is someone better than that person. You may […]