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  • Running a Modern Indie Label

    Running a Modern Indie Label

          Reposted from Music     Jim Olsen is the co-founder of Signature Sounds Recordings, an independent record label that specializes in singer-songwriter, Americana and modern folk music. A lifelong music fan, Jim got his start in the music business working for the radio station at Ithaca College in New York. After […]

  • Getting Your Music on Radio Rotation

    Getting Your Music on Radio Rotation

    Alex Arnold has a great informative post for you artists out there looking for radio play.  Make sure you visit his site and get more information about marketing and promoting your music.  Thanks Alex! – George. Submitted by Alex Arnold from   One of the major concerns for Indie Artists is to find a […]

  • Getting Your Music Placed – Bobbi Tammaro

    Getting Your Music Placed – Bobbi Tammaro

          Some practical advice from producer, Bobbi Tammaro.   We received this as an email and asked for his permission to repost on our site.  Indie Spirit Magazine does not endorse any specific producers – or artists for that matter.  We are sharing what Bobbi wrote because he is proven in the industry, his […]

  • Find A Good Photographer

    Find A Good Photographer

          People hear your music with their eyes first.  Remember, the look matters.  Everything should be as polished and as professional as you can make it.   What do you have and what do you need? Take a good look at your website, press kit, posters, cd covers and other promotional materials.  While […]

  • What About the Look?

    What About the Look?

      When Earth, Wind and Fire first started performing years ago, they were a group of young people.  They were several multi-instrumentalists, creating this phenomenal music, putting on a nice musical performance and people were blahzay about it all.  They would perform, receive this great applause and then the next band would come up and […]

  • A Spot called TBAIMS for Indie Artists

    A Spot called TBAIMS for Indie Artists

    We approached Jon Landers and asked him to tell us a little story about how he got started with his company  – The Big Apple Indie Music Series – and he was kind enough to oblige us.  So, for you indie artists who looking to boost your career, we suggest that you visit the website […]

  • Art is Visual

    Art is Visual

      The internet is the perfect place for this world full of visual learners.  We can include pictures and bells and whistles in our posts and our web correspondence with our fans.  As artists we become more memorable to people through the imagery that is included with our music – videos and pictures.  Visual learners […]

  • Artists – Are You Blogging?

    Artists – Are You Blogging?

    The purpose of Indie Spirit Magazine is not so much to highlight artists, but more so to highlight the process.  We want you to show other people how you do what you do – what the process is like – and why you do it. It’s challenging for many artists who have to work a […]

  • Overnight Millionaires

    Overnight Millionaires

    One thing that this wave of independent artists has done is create overnight millionaires all over the place. There are hundreds of indie music marketing, promotion and music sites on the internet.  Each of them caters to the independent musician by offering services for fees.  For $X we will get your music on itunes, for […]

  • Mané – Promoting the Music and Culture of the Senegalese

    Introducing the creator and founder of Senegal’s premiere internet music magazine, Ndèye Mané Toure. We are interviewing the interviewer to understand why she created this vehicle to highlight the music and the artists from her country. What got you interested in interviewing artists? Why did you start doing this? I am very pleased in interviewing […]

  • Out with the Old, In with the New

    Did you make a list of resolutions and things that you want to accomplish at the beginning of 2009?   Are you able to check some things off of your list? How’s your year-end summary looking? I look back and see how I’ve used the precious time I was given and I’m not totally happy with […]

  • The Importance of Fans and People Who Disseminate Information

    Lester McBride got so tired of hearing people say there’s nothing to do in Hartford, Connecticut that he decided to do something about it.  He started compiling information about events and forwarding emails to everyone on his personal email list on a weekly basis.  As more and more people found out about his weekly events […]