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  • Thelma Rimber – Uplifting Lives Through the Arts

    Thelma Rimber – Uplifting Lives Through the Arts

    “It was worth all the rejection, tears and sleepless nights. I used my talent to lift someone else up.” – Thelma Rimber. Imagine that you are a child, living in destitute poverty in a slum with absolutely no opportunities to do anything. Then imagine that there is a woman who comes into you life, helps […]

  • Losing Ground As Street Players

    Losing Ground As Street Players

      We wanted to talk about street players.  A search for the words “street players” on google netted 426,000,000 results. There’s main street players, eden street players, chapel street players, street, south street players, union street players and the list goes on and on.  We didn’t want to mention a band in particular, but […]

  • Eryk McDaniel Arrested for Playing on the Street

    Eryk McDaniel Arrested for Playing on the Street

    Eryk McDaniel, who people say can really play a mean trombone, was arrested for playing on the just outside Turner Field outside of the Brave’s game. Last Friday he was just playing on the sidewalk, entertaining the crowds as they were heading into a Braves game, when officers came up and told him to leave.  He told […]

  • About the Saxophone

    About the Saxophone

        We’ll be featuring a saxophonist in an upcoming issue, so we’d thought we would give you a little history on the sax.   The saxophone was developed in 1846 by Adolphe Sax, a Belgian-born instrument maker, flautist, and clarinetist working in Paris.  He worked at his father’s instrument shop in Brussels.  He began […]

  • When Artists File for Bankruptcy

    When Artists File for Bankruptcy

      Okay, it’s not just artists that file for bankruptcy, it’s other people too.  We are living in a time where it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to take care of their financial obligations.  Shelter and food are always first.  After those two, it’s clothing and transportation.  We have to take care of the […]

  • Michael Casanova – Music is The Perfect Vitamin for Our Soul

    Michael Casanova – Music is The Perfect Vitamin for Our Soul

    It’s great to meet people of all ages and all backgrounds who want to learn how to play music.  What I really appreciated about Michael is that he didn’t speak about stardom or making the next greatest hit record.  He simply wants to learn how to play music so he can play music.  Like a […]

  • The Essence of Navasha Daya ~ By Stevie Robinson

    December 7, 2012 marks the day the Rebirth Above Ground (EP) by singer, writer, healer, dancer, producer, teacher, Navasha Daya hits stores. This EP marks her debut of total control, being behind the wheel, delivering her artistic expression just as she wants. You’ve seen pieces of her, but now all of which is her is […]

  • Alicia Keys: Finding Purpose Beyond Music and Hitting All the Right Notes

    The Grammy-winning singer and songwriter discusses her own keys to success Reposted from Success Magazine    Mike  Zimmerman  November 30, 2009  A couple of years ago, a woman approached Alicia Keys before she went onstage for a show and asked if she would be playing her 2005 hit “Unbreakable” that night. “I really don’t know,” […]

  • The Greats Series – Michael

    Somestimes our little planet is grace with gods of varying sorts who have the power to change things on a global scale.  Their talent is unquestionable.  Their appeal is undeniable.  Millions all over the globe embrace these sacred individuals who the Creator sends to us to show us about our own lives.  I believe without […]

  • The Greats Series – Lena Horne

    Lena Mary Calhoun Horne (born June 30, 1917) is an American singer and actress. She has recorded and performed extensively, independently and with other jazz notables, including Artie Shaw, Teddy Wilson, Billy Strayhorn, Duke Ellington, Charlie Barnet, Benny Carter, and Billy Eckstine. She currently lives in New York City and no longer makes public appearances. […]

  • Should the Show Go On No Matter What?

    Lots of us band members have the innate determination that the show must go on no matter what.  Sometimes it shouldn’t. It’s happened to me twice where a band member nearly passed out during the gig.  Once, a drummer, who had been having heart problems, was told by his doctor to relax and take it […]

  • The Greats Series – Brook Benton

    I chose Brook Benton because I have an emotional attachement.  Yes, I remember “A Rainy Night In Georgia,” “Think Twice,” “Revenge,” “Frankie & Johnny” and more.  My Dad would play his music freqently.  And, I recently found out that Brook Benton was my mother’s favorite.   We just celebrated her 87th birthday and Book Benton’s music played for the […]