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  • The “Veriations” of the Soul of Veronique

    The “Veriations” of the Soul of Veronique

        Tell us about your logo.  Not many people will recognize the ankh.  Why do you have an ankh at the center?  What purpose does it serve you? My logo was designed to make a statement. The ankh represents life; the creation of life; an inspiration of life. GOD gives me the inspiration that […]

  • Darcell – Being Discovered

    Darcell – Being Discovered

      A lot of musical artists believe that talent is all they need to get signed and to move into the heights of notoriety.  Once you put yourself out there seeking to be discovered by a major label, you learn that it’s not about talent.  Instead it’s about being a “package” or what a company […]

  • A Real Soul Singer – Lamone Andrews

    A Real Soul Singer – Lamone Andrews

    Lamone Andrews is a “Real Soul Singer.”  He’s got range, tastefully done riffs and runs and a voice that makes you stop, pause and listen because it touches you at your innermost being. Along with that voice, he’s got the look and is very conscious about health and fitness.  However, beyond all of that, Lamone […]

  • Mycah Chevalier – Making Things Sound Warm and Pretty

    Mycah Chevalier – Making Things Sound Warm and Pretty

    If Mycah Chevalier’s voice is one that you have not heard, you need to.  Such a beautiful and vibrant sound emanates from this woman’s soul; you will be glad you found her.  She’s also an actress and a dancer.  Mycah’s performed internationally and sung background for people like Patti Labelle and Maysa and opened up […]

  • The Power of Sunshine – Carolyn Malachi

    The Power of Sunshine – Carolyn Malachi

    When you were a child, your aunt named you “Sunshine” and empowered you with the phrase “remember your power.” Please tell the story about how this came about and the impact that the name and that statement had on you throughout your life. My aunt has called me “Sunshine” for as long as I can […]

  • The Beautiful Ugly of Twin Spirit

    The Beautiful Ugly of Twin Spirit

    [audio: The Mind Of Me-TwinSpirit-MY BEAUTIFUL UGLY.mp3] The Mind Of Me by Twin Spirit We originally wanted to speak to this lady, Twin Spirit, about, which is a vehicle she created to help artists to be able to perform at different venues throughout the U.S. However, as the conversation progressed and layers were unpeeled, […]

  • Darryl Carter – The Sky Is The Limit

    Darryl Carter – The Sky Is The Limit

    Every town, every state has icons – artists who have been in the area and stand out far above the rest.  They have “IT,” that magic, the talent, the presence…and when you are experiencing them in their artistic mode, you can’t help but pay attention.  And when the show is over, they leave you wanting […]

  • Rena Scott – Sing From My Soul

    Rena Scott – Sing From My Soul

    What do you do when you are extremely talented, believe in yourself, but the industry that you are trying to get into will not give you the time of day because of your age or your race or your “look” in general? That is how the mainstream music industry is. It is controlled and contrived […]

  • Felicious!


    Felicia Mckiver is a self-taught, professional pianist and singer who manages her own band. Though it’s tough sometimes to be a woman in a field usually dominated by men, she holds her own.  The name of her band is “Felicious”  which is symbolic of her drive and passion for what she does.  This is a […]

  • Meeting Andre Saunders

    Andre Saunders is one of the vanguards of the music industry.  He started his career as a professional songwriter at the age of 19 in New York City.  He spent decades, writing, composing, producing, engineering, performing and became the first African American executive for Mills Publishing.   If there is anything related to the art […]

  • Sammy Morales – It’s Never Too Late

      I found Sammy Morales on an indie artist site late in 2008.  I heard this entrancing, melodic voice and was moved.  He said the cd was in the works and would be done later in 2009; I patiently waited, then contacted him again and was pleased to find out it was done.  My teenager said […]