Category: rock

  • Avian X – Pursuing the American Dream

    Avian X is someone I’ve watched for the last four years. We met at an indie conference/showcase in Connecticut. I’ve been on her mailing list for all of this time and I have admired watching a woman slowly build herself in this industry and as an artist. She’s gone from singing with her own tracks […]

  • The Native Axeman – An Artist Who Carries the Cry of His People

    [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Native Ways by Exitwound” dl=”0″] He was born in 2002. That was the year he came to understand and accept that his life was not his own. It belonged to music and it belonged to his people. Warren Michael said of The Native Axeman (Exitwound): “Music has a power that is often misunderstood, […]

  • Gary Ramsey – Music from the Mountains of NC

    In a small North Carolina mountain town called Kings Mountain lives a songwriter and musician who spends every waking moment either listening to or writing music and songs. Gary Ramsey was born August 5th 1962 to a middle class working family, the oldest of seven children…Gary started writing music after he learned how to play […]

  • Scott Baker – Just to have music…

    [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to listen to Scott” dl=”0″] Just to have music in his life… Scott’s journey is not much unlike any other artist’s. Singer, songwriter, musician and journalist. He gets to interview the indies as well as the pros. It all helps with the music and with defining who he is in it all. […]