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  • Shante LE’s Artistic Voicings

    Shante LE’s Artistic Voicings

    Life unfolds before us taking us where we need to go to become who we are. Shanta’s journey has been an inspiring one, seemingly absent fear. She is an excellent demonstration of how to tap into your heart of hearts, follow the messages and go forth!   _________________________________ You talk about how you “stole” your […]

  • Catherine Cazes-Wiley & Tinaliah

    Catherine Cazes-Wiley & Tinaliah

    A conversation with Catherine Cazes-Wiley, her hats and homeless people. She’s having an interesting journey in life. We won’t tell you about it, we’ll let her tell you.     When I started this social enterprise I had no idea that a common thread was already running among job creation, social justice and the fashion […]

  • Beth Pite – Capturing the Essence of Something

    Beth Pite – Capturing the Essence of Something

      Art is something that human beings cannot live without. Whether it’s visual or musical, it creates a sensation and a vibration within us. If you meet her, you will find that Beth Pite is a very bright spirit with a radiant smile. “My art is about color, energy and capturing the essence of something […]

  • America Denies Us of the Art of Immigrants By Deportation

    America Denies Us of the Art of Immigrants By Deportation

        Submitted by Recita Gonzales Whenever there is political upheaval, educators and artists are usually targeted.  I remember speaking with an artist from Guatemala, who as a child was hidden by his family because the government was murdering all artists, educators and historians.  He recalls this vividly.  Hundreds of people were murdered, even some from […]

  • The Involvement of Lights, Camera, Action!

        Submitted by Desiree Boise Lighting is so important in the livest of artists, whether it’s about lighting for film, photography, or for the music studio, it makes or breaks everything. Lighting is important because it sets the ambiance of a room and creates a mood.  You can get to a studio that has […]

  • New York’s Museum of Modern Art

    New York’s Museum of Modern Art   Make a date to visit the Museum of Modern Art in the capital of the world – New York City. “Ever wonder what you could see when you visit the Museum of Modern Art? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of cool artwork that are available for viewing. The Museum of Modern Art […]

  • What happened? A rant about the work ethic of many musicians

    What happened? A rant about the work ethic of many musicians Posted: 19 Oct 2009 12:22 PM PDT What ever happened to true effort, the desire to learn and develop ones ability? What happened to the problem solvers? What happened to the ones that could look at a problem or at something going wrong and […]

  • The Greats Series – Lena Horne

    Lena Mary Calhoun Horne (born June 30, 1917) is an American singer and actress. She has recorded and performed extensively, independently and with other jazz notables, including Artie Shaw, Teddy Wilson, Billy Strayhorn, Duke Ellington, Charlie Barnet, Benny Carter, and Billy Eckstine. She currently lives in New York City and no longer makes public appearances. […]

  • The Greats Series

    I spent most of my adult life singing cover tunes and thus my ear was crafted toward imitating everyone.  Certainly, I put my own spin on whatever I sang, but for the most part, unfortunately, I spent all my time mimicking the popular top 40 songs that the band was performing.   Though I have a […]