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  • Audionauta – The Music Already Exists and We’re Lucky Enough to Find It

    Audionauta – The Music Already Exists and We’re Lucky Enough to Find It

    We got an email from Agentina:  “We are Audionauta, an instrumental acoustic/electronic post-rock band from Argentina. We released our first album “A Kilómetros de la Superficie” (“Kilometers from the Surface”) and we’d like to share it with you. The album is free in the Bandcamp page and SoundCloud, but also can be found in Spotify, […]

  • Thelma Rimber – Uplifting Lives Through the Arts

    Thelma Rimber – Uplifting Lives Through the Arts

    “It was worth all the rejection, tears and sleepless nights. I used my talent to lift someone else up.” – Thelma Rimber. Imagine that you are a child, living in destitute poverty in a slum with absolutely no opportunities to do anything. Then imagine that there is a woman who comes into you life, helps […]

  • La Veda ~ Letting Love Happen

    La Veda ~ Letting Love Happen

    La Veda, Miami born, international songstress on the Indie artist trek to success. This writer producer, actress, model Released her debut LP “Sticky/Foreplay” in 2010. Following up with 2011 Ep release “I Love You” then her 2013 release “Let Love Happen”.  She tell Describe you what music is to you. Music is a powerful healing source. It feeds […]

  • The Best Drummer in the World

    The Best Drummer in the World

        Is there really such a thing?  No, I mean really?  For anyone you name, someone else can name someone who is a step ahead.  Their knowledge of music extends far beyond the person you can name.  So then, think of someone else and guaranteed there is someone better than that person. You may […]

  • The Essence of Navasha Daya ~ By Stevie Robinson

    December 7, 2012 marks the day the Rebirth Above Ground (EP) by singer, writer, healer, dancer, producer, teacher, Navasha Daya hits stores. This EP marks her debut of total control, being behind the wheel, delivering her artistic expression just as she wants. You’ve seen pieces of her, but now all of which is her is […]

  • The Greats Series – Michael

    Somestimes our little planet is grace with gods of varying sorts who have the power to change things on a global scale.  Their talent is unquestionable.  Their appeal is undeniable.  Millions all over the globe embrace these sacred individuals who the Creator sends to us to show us about our own lives.  I believe without […]

  • Brent Michael Davids – Pure Genius

    Hey folks.  We met on facebook.  He is pure genius.  Take a listen, learn more and buy the music. BRENT MICHAEL DAVIDS When American composers are described as “native” the definition is not usually as accurate as when applied to Brent Michael Davids, an American Indian and enrolled citizen of the Mohican Nation. He has consciously and […]

  • The Greats Series – Brook Benton

    I chose Brook Benton because I have an emotional attachement.  Yes, I remember “A Rainy Night In Georgia,” “Think Twice,” “Revenge,” “Frankie & Johnny” and more.  My Dad would play his music freqently.  And, I recently found out that Brook Benton was my mother’s favorite.   We just celebrated her 87th birthday and Book Benton’s music played for the […]

  • Mixashawn – Wave Artist & Historian

    [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to hear the Interview with Mixashawn” dl=”0″] MIXASHAWN calls himself a wave artist. He writes, sings, plays multiple instruments and maintains his Native American culture in all the things he does. He performs internationally and when home, educates children through a myriad of programs that he has developed.  He is also a […]