JproD – Making the Art of Music Sacred Again

JproD reached out to us and had this bio in his email:

“A bunch of trend stealers, a bunch of imitation, a bunch of lies. I want to bring back that rugged feel. Let’s make it cool to say what we really feel. Let’s leave being politically correct to the politicians. In 2014, let’s make it cool to be normal. I promise it is okay to be a black music artist and not wear Jordans. Which is exactly what I am, a music artist. Not a rapper, not an emcee, not a hip-hop artist. I am a music artist. I have never been conventional. I never felt it was possible to be something i’m not. More than comfortable in my own skin. Am I a genius? Not sure I care. All I care about is having genuine lyrics, attention grabbing hooks, creating my own sound. The reason I make music is to address every feeling I have. So that, if someone feels the same way, they now can articulate those feelings. Any subject matter found in my music is there because I actually do that, I have actually seen that, I have actually felt that. It is not because I care about what anyone thinks may or may not be cool. There are a group of real artists in the world who had their culture stolen from them, I am one of them. I was born to attempt to change the world through music. I know every “artist” tries to say that, but what’s the difference between me and them? I plan on proving it. I ain’t trying to start a revolution. Only trying to make the art of music sacred again. “You know it’s real when you are who you think you are”. I just want to be a legend for the right reasons. My dad’s opinion doesn’t matter to me, please don’t think yours will. Regal is the story. #TrifeLife is the way. I am JproD (Jeopardy). Bless.”

We felt the need to reach out and ask questions.  Here are those questions and his answers:


-Who are you in the real sense of life?  Drop some rhyme on us that describes JproD.

In real life, I am a more reserved person. Not out of anxiety but I often get confused by the actions of people. I don’t like greedy people. Not a fan of people with no manners.  I have always been what they refer to as a free spirit. I personally think every spirit can be free if you release it. I am one of those people who cares about the world, ya know? I care about the well being of humanity. Typically know right from wrong. Live according to my morals. Everyday I strive to be a better person. A strong core makes for a great artist. Very unafraid of life. I am an avid learner. If there is something I do not know, I make sure someone either gives me the info or I go find it on my own. Have always had a good heart. I would give my last dollar to someone asking for it. The hardest thing I deal with on a daily basis is the acceptance of mediocrity by the world. You woke up, you are breathing, why are you wasting your time and ability? One Love.


-What brought you into the world of music and rap?  Why did you start down this road?

I have always enjoyed rap music. Although, I hate to say that I am really a rapper. I indulge in the genre when it pertains to what I feel like expressing. Being able to rap just gives me an outlet where I can be reckless or abrasive or loud. You will find a lot of the songs on my upcoming project “Regal” have influences from a ton of genres. Rap has always been a form of rebel music to me. It stands for something. At least it used to. That is probably why I relate so strongly with it. But all music has some kind of message which is why I refuse to limit myself to just rap. I am way more than a rapper.


-Are you satisfied with where you are now musically as an artist?  If not, what has to change?

I am satisfied with my progression. Without progression you can’t really expect to get to the pinnacle. I am extremely proud of myself for really choosing to be creative on my latest project. I am not satisfied with my musical abilities yet. By that I mean, ability to produce an entire song from scratch. I want to begin to create the music behind the voice. Pretty soon I am going to pick up the guitar and you will be able to see what I meant when I said I am more than a rapper.


-You are a solo artist, but do you have a team – or others who are instrumental with what you do?

I don’t really have a team. But the people around me in my everyday life are very instrumental in what I do. They take the stress off of me so I can focus on what I have to do. Things like that. They give love when needed. All things that everyone needs. I recently linked up with a DJ by the name of DJ Elvis and he is helping me piece together my project. A great help.


-To people who play instruments, today’s popular music is looked down upon because it’s very mechanical and consists of loops and beats versus real instrumentation.  The major offense is that this music is inorganic.  Being someone from a younger generation who is down with how “music” is created now, what is your perspective and what would you say to an older musician to explain or validate this music?  — or would you?

I would first agree with the older musician. The problem is a lot of phony artists ruined things for someone like me. Most of the music lacks feeling. Nothing being made now is going to have the lasting effects of a Bob Marley song. I work with what I have access to. Now that I am branching out and making a name for myself, I want to start working with the older musicians and create something timeless. Timeless music has no age. It is all feeling. I hope to bridge the gap between the older generation and new generation of music.


-Do you have any aspirations to learn how to play any musical instruments – or do you play any now?

That is my next music venture. I am going to learn to play the guitar. I can play by ear if I sit there for a while but I want to learn the real way. Eventually I want to be able to pick up any instrument and play.


-You said that you find yourself being drawn to other forms of artistry – visual arts to be specific.  Talk about that interest.  Did you always have an attraction to, for instance, photography, or is this something that is awakening in you now?  And, what happened to create the interest?

I don’t believe I always had an interest in visual arts. I always knew how to spot an amazing photo, painting..etc. Now that I create music through feeling, I learned the best way to get that feeling across would be through an image or through a video. Started taking an interest in photos of legends. You know, Marilyn Monroe, Malcolm X, Bob Marley. You can tell so much about them just by looking at their photos. Image is just so powerful. You literally capture a moment. Knowing that for people to take an even greater interest in my music, the images and videos have to convey the message of my music… That is what created the love for visual arts.


-As you delve deeper into this type of artistry and begin creating more, what will you do with the pieces that you create?

I am hoping to eventually create some sort of documentary.

JproD Artwork (1)

-You are located in Connecticut.  What kind of opportunities are there for you as an artist there?

There are many opportunities to practice your craft and perform. Not many opportunities to really excel and take it to the next level. Not the most artistic place ever. There are plenty of people who partake in different art forms and there is always something going on. There is just no room for much growth. At least what I have noticed. Great location though. Boston one way. New York the other way.


-What’s the obsession with Miami?  What happens for you when you get there?

I went down to Miami for the Superbowl a few years back. I watched the Superbowl from the field. I went to celeb parties at the Fountain bleu. But those are not the reasons I love Miami. I loved the feel of it. The breeze, everyone doing their own thing. Also the architecture was interesting to me. I love Miami more because of the feelings I had while I visited. Probably less because of the actual place.  Represents my first adult feeling of freedom. My introduction to a different way of life.


-Being an artist, inspiration comes from every single thing simply by the fact that we are alive.  Is there any one thing that inspires you most as an artist?  What would that be if this is true?

Unfamiliar feelings inspire me. I always feel like I want to document that feeling and explore it. Mostly out of curiosity. I am not sure if they inspire me the most. Most times I write songs about real sadness or real happiness. Never really an in between. I guess I get inspired most by real emotions that everyday people deal with. The emotions of the common man. The need for peace, happiness, and love inspires me. Very simple formula that often gets miscalculated.


-Is there a way to make dad understand what you are doing and to gain his support?

When I win a grammy, I think he will finally get it. He will finally understand why I was so “different” to him. Not going to try to make him understand though.


-In one of your songs, A Million Feelings, in addition to all of the things that you rap about, you talk about watching your mom struggle to make a living. This is real life for most of us.  But, watching mom struggle is a big heart hit for just about anyone who has a mom.  Talk about your feelings about your mom in that regard specifically.

Typical story. 1 Mother, 3 kids. Low paying job. Working all the time. I kind of saw her lose herself as a person. That was the worst to watch. I never trip over money. I never worry about material things. It was watching my mom lose her happiness that hurt the most. Hopefully with my music, I can tour and take my mom around the world. Let her do all of the things she’s missed out on, trying to raise 3 men.


-How do you support yourself financially? 

I have secured a full time job at a local news station for the last 4 years.


-What is your goal as an artist? 

My ultimate goal as an artist is to speak for the people who may feel defeated by the way the world is set up. I want to give hope to the next generation of people who change the world. I want to assist them in every way possible. I just want to be loved for the art I create and for the movements I spearhead. Not for anything else.


You say you like stories.  Give us one now.  Say that you are 80 years old and looking back at your life.  What would you hope to be seeing and how did you make it all happen?

At 80 years old, I hope to see a new generation continuing the mission I dedicated my life to. I will have had been to as many countries as humanly possible. I would have changed people’s negative way of think. I would have brought people closer to nature. I would have made people open to real love. I would have made it normal to love your neighbor. Nothing about religion, just a lifestyle. I hope by 80 years old, people will realize we are all a part of a greater whole. My music will have given the design for this type of living. Of course I will not be able to convince everyone but I will do my best to do God’s work.  I pray by 80 years old, I changed the music industry by making it ONLY about the sound/feeling of the music.


“We Here Now (So Much Smoke)”

“Jam Jam”