Keeping it Clutter Free and Clean



What does your studio look like?  Are there guitar picks on the floor in random place?  Those manuals for Protools – are they set neatly on the bookshelf or where you dropped them after you got the answer you were looking for?  How about the floor?  Is it is clean?  Carpeting – clean?  Do you dust regularly or is your spot an expanding dust mite country?  Maybe you rehearse in your garage and none of this matters!

A place is a reflection of the person who uses it.  A clean, clutter-free space indicates a clutter-free mind – or does it?  Maybe a really clean space reflects a nerdy type of artist who just doesn’t cut it.  Well, who are we to judge?

We do want to talk about organization though.  Along with that comes cleanliness.  We’re talking about a breakdown of dust mite nation.

Take a look at your space.  Does the way it flows (equipment placement, etc.) suit the way you work?  Is everything spaced and placed to create a conducive, creative work environment?  Step back and really look at it.  Mentally walk through your process of creating something.  In your mind’s eye, is everything where you need it to be or are you walking around looking for things?

Take a little time and straighten up your studio if it needs it.  You will find a direct correlation will happen in the rest of your life.  If things are kept neat, clean and where you can find it, it will improve your flow greatly.

Floors, whether wood, linoleum or carpet should be kept clean.  Sometimes you may need to hire a professional cleaning company such as concord carpet cleaning.  Unless you have an excellent vacuum cleaner, dirt, dust and grunge will build up in your carpet.    You don’t want that stuff to stay there!