Keeping the Computer Sharp

A lot of us record digitally these days.  We take advantage of the technology available to us.  Not only is a computer used for recording, it is also essential for research and for social networking.  If your computer is down, you’re out of touch with all the things that are happening out there and out of touch with your fans.  If you’re out of touch, you’re out of business!  Sure, you can maintain connections through your iphone or android, but there’s nothing like the power and abilities of a full-fledged computer for handling your business.


When we hit the internet, we open our machines up to the world.  But, that also includes opening our machines up to all kinds of viruses including browser redirects, spam, cookies, etc.   Getting rid of some viruses requires professional help and as an indie artist, you probably don’t have that in your budget.  So, just like you keep your musical equipment in shape, you also need to keep your computer in shape.  You need to have software protecting your computer and making sure it runs at it’s optimum best.  A pc tuneup can things keep running smoothly.