Keeping Up the Gear

dancingDoing music is fun.  It comes with it challenges — it’s ups and downs, but there’s absolutely nothing like that flow once it starts flowing and all the sounds start to come together.  When the music comes to you, it’s a gift – to you.  It’s a talent that you’ve developed into a finely tuned skill.  It’s something that you can share with others.  And people need what you do.  We need artists, we need music.  It’s vibrational communication.  Music lets us know that we are alive.  It gives us something to feel, to identify with, to hold on to, to cling to, to open up our souls to.  It goes right along with breathing.

Previously for artists and musicians, the challenge was in getting enough money to go into the recording studio to do your music.   Technology has changed that in that most people have their own recording studios set up at home.  You can record whenever you want and however you want.  You canativen invite your friends over to add to the project and that makes it even more exciting.


For DJ’s, the sky is the limit.  There is software that allows you to make your own personalized beats and equipment that helps you to do living mixing.  The fun never ends for  you or for the people who have groovin’ to your music.


You’ve got to have really good software and equipment in order to put out your best.  Technology has made equipment so much more affordable.  Go get it!