Mugzy Brady – Keeping Hip Hop 100%

At Indie Spirit Magazine, we like it when people keep it real.  Their art is real because that’s who they are.  The magnetism of African American Hip Hop has reached the entire world.  Mugzy Brady felt it in Australia and talks about how it has molded him and given him life.  He keeps it 100%.



As you are living in Australia, how did you first become aware of the African American art form or rap and hip hop? Did you hear it on the radio initially, or did someone introduce you to it?


Well my brother who is 2yrs younger then me introduced me to Hip Hop music. When we were kids he had all these burnt CD’s of Artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes even the likes of Bow Wow haha and they were on loop constantly playin daily through-out the house

Fast Forward to 05 i think i was 14 at the time so yr8 of High School i use to get punked & bullied alot which cause me to have suicidal depression
Through-out that year i got myself an Ipod and started listening to artists such as Eminem (Bein a whiteboi myself) & his aggression/lyrics just gave me a voice to fight back like this voice in my head sayin (Dont take no sh** anymore)
When i was so attached with Eminem’s music i then started listening to more artists such as Tupac, 50 Cent etc etc and they kinda developed me into a different person

Later on down the road i knew i was never good at school so instead of doing my work i would drop some small rhymes in my book but i knew if i wanted to progress this i would have to write full songs

Cut a long story short from having those influences on my Ipod and dropping down those rhymes in my work book its led me to Release 2 albums (Hopefully working on a 3rd), Radio Play/Magazine Features WORLDWIDE, 12k & OVER fan base WORLDWIDE, Tone of Acting Roles, and BEST of all meet & greets with celebs/idols i thought id never meet in my LIFE on this Earth


What about Eminem’s song, Purple Pills reached you? What were the words that you related to and how?

When i was in High School listening to my Ipod & developing my Skills/Image that was one of the first songs i heard from him
Like i know the track is about doing drugs (which probs doesnt make any sense to how it helped me lol) but because it was the first track i ever put on my Ipod it made me want to branch out and learn more about the culture

Why do you feel that you have to rap to express yourself versus using another art form or another style of music?

Well they all say Hip Hop is all about expressing yourself in sayin that i have never seen any other type of genre that does that

Pop, Rock, Country etc etc always stick to their sounding genres (if you get what i mean?) BUT hip hop you can use it/blend it anyway possible

You’ve got over 12K likes on facebook. What is the pain that you are expressing and how do feel others relate to what you have to say?


I love my 12k & OVER fans
Everyday i wake up and see that number and it puts a smile on my face just knowing ALL OF THEM are supporting what i do
My msg mainly reaches out to people who just dont give a f*** they dont go by all these rules in life like (ohh i gotta do this or i gotta wear this to be noticed/respected in life) to me i think thats wack
i give full respect/credit to people who BE themselves and dont act like a sheep

So yeah you can kinda say im bein Negative but thats my view on life & to my viewers

People say that rappers are a dime a dozen. How do you think you stand out and why do so many relate to you?


This makes me laugh but at the same time kinda annoyed because alot of rappers say they keep it 100 but half the time your following trends
(Oh i gotta rap like this now? fine OR Oh i gotta look like this now? fine) THAT AINT KEEPIN IT REAL so stop the BS

With me i grew up in a time when Keepin It Real & msg was everything in Hip Hop and ive stood by it day after day through-out my career

How big is the hip hop culture in Australia, when do you think it started and who are some of the pioneers from your country?


Check out my track “Aussie With An American Attitude” and it will explain it all for ya
Click here for Link.

Hip hop is indeed a culture and a way of life. Describe what it is to you and how you apply it to your daily life. What does it all mean?


Thats 100% true
To everyone who loves hip hop and im talkin about REAL HEADS not people who just go through a phase
IT IS our daily life

What it means to me? Well everything
Back in the day i use to be a shy/loner who had nothin in life
Then when i found hip hop my whole world changed
It changed My Style, My Attitude Even my views on everyday life

So if i didnt find hip hop i dont know where i would of ended up so im thankful for that

If you had the opportunity to work with someone like Tupac, what would you like to write about with him?


Tupac what can i say the man was an icon for his time and NOW a legend
Thats a really hard question i just cant pick one thing so i would do any sorta track with him

How did you get the name Mugzy Brady? What does the name mean to you and how do you show that’s who you are?


Well when i was starting off i use to do Gangsta Rap i would write down lyrics about Shootin Guns, Drugs, Gangs all that type of stuff even though it wasnt my life
I think it was because of the early 00s it was such a cool image
Like we had G-Unit who just came out and everyone wanted to be like 50 with rockin the Du-Rag, Baseball Cap, Basketball Jersey the whole lot (Yes i rocked that back in the day i was Wigger-Out)

My first Rap-Name was Ryder-Reyne like my real name is Reyne Brady as in rain but spelt diff (Sounds corny as f***) so yeah i started with that

One Night i was watchin the comedy movie Soul Plane with Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart & Method Man

Method Man’s character was a layed back funny/qwerky sorta guy called Muggsy
As i was watchin the movie i thought (wow his character is a lot like me)
when the credits rolled up i checked out the name and thought (hmm instead of spellin it the same how about i use one G and switch the S to a Z so it comes out Mugzy) and it just clicked

Hopefully later on down the road of my career i meet Method Man so i can tell him that story haha

What’s your favorite piece that you’ve written and why?


It would defiantly have to be my track “My Journey”
that track explains my whole story in 4mins HOW CRAZY IS THAT


Where do you think the words came from and how? Did they just flow or did you have to work hard to get them out?


My Journey was very easy to write
I was listening to the track by 50 Cent, Eminem & Adam Levine called “My Life”
When i was listening to it i was thinkin (Damn this track is hot PLUS i really need a Final Track to finish off my 2nd album Understand Me)
So my producer Pablo & I got the sample then blended it into our own version and it just came naturally

Do you play any instruments or plan to if you don’t?


Nah i dont play any
BUT i would like to learn how to play Drums or DJ Scratching with Vinyl Records NOT this BS computerized DJing

Where do you get your beats and who are some of the people that you really enjoy working with?


My producer Pablo Gutierrez is CRAZY DOPE in the studio
His so chilled to work with PLUS he knows your vision like how ya want the track to sound like

When we make the beats we grab ideas from other artists
For example if its a sad/depressed song we look at the lyrics and be like (Hmm this could work with Eminem’s Cleaning Out My Closet) so we take the beat then Mix/Blend it into our own

What is Mugzy Brady’s goal as an artist and as a human being?


Ive always been the type when my mind gets stuck on something its VERY VERY hard to un-do
So when im hustlin daily tryin to make a living off my music its extremely hard to switch off

My main goal in life is to HAVE THAT come true

If this was the year 2020, what would you like to be able to say that you’ve done?   And — how did you accomplish those things?


In all honestly if it is the year 2020 and i still havnt made it

then everything ive done to try get there is worthless



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