Pain & A Little Common Sense


There’s a thought that drugs and rock and roll go hand in hand.  If someone is a musician with long hair playing rock music, they get high.  They drink and drug.  Perhaps this was the case with a few of history’s legends, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin,Whitney, Paul Gray and others.  These people are the exception and not the rule.  There are millions of artists (perhaps not famous or well known) who do music and do not do drugs.

We all have pain. We all have fleeting thoughts of failure and telling us that we can’t get up again; we can’t go on.  But we have to realize that we have control over what thoughts we have and don’t have.  We can control what we hold on to.  Do not hold on to negativity and all those words that defeat us from the inside out.  We all become what we believe and if our beliefs are negative, then we have to take the responsibility to turn them around.

Common sense says that if you have a headache, you take advair diskus 60ds.  Relieve the pain.  Drugs like cocaine, meth, uppers, downers – they only put off the pain.  They never erase it.  Get to the root of your pain.  Your problem begins deep inside.  It’s as easy as “look and see.”  Skip the high and focus on the pain or the desire that you have to get high.  That’s when things will pop up – feelings, emotions and thoughts.  Embrace them, feel them, examine them, walk through them and reclaim yourself.