Ras Iba – from Indie Label to Just Plain Indie

Ras Iba has been all over the world performing his music.  Large stages accomodate him and his high energy show.  His messages are positive and powerful, speaking of change, liberation, peace, love and the things that a beautiful world can be made of.  He’s recently gone from the comfort of an indie label to being just plain indie.  The work of getting the music together, recording, marketing and promoting is now on his shoulders.  But, like a true artist, he continues to move forward because he has a mission of sending out love through music.  As he said, “It’s in my blood.”  For things that are “in our blood,” they don’t go away, they just get greater and stronger.  We say “Jah Bless” to Ras Iba and offer prayers and blessings for him to continue doing what he does so he can reach as many people as possible with his message.