Ray Morant – Play & Record Music Until I Die…

You play multiple instruments and are very versatile in that you can play music for any genre.  Some musicians are looking to make it in the big time.  Was that something that you sought at some point in your career?

I’m mostly a string player – guitar, bass, lap steel, etc. I regret not pursuing more piano because I love the instrument.  I always hoped to make a living at music, but mainly I liked playing any type of gig so that’s what led me to appreciate multiple genres.

What is your goal as an artist and a musician?

To play and record music often, until I die.

Recording music is so easily done nowadays with software.  First of all, what made you decide to open up a studio and why a large one versus having something small?

Well, it is “easy” to buy software just as it is easy to buy a guitar; but how you use the tools is much more important than the tools themselves.  Clearly you need the right tools to do the job but really studying your craft is much more important.

I kind of fell into this location and really got hooked on having the space.  It lends itself to so many more sonic possibilities.

Has the slow economy impacted your business, or do the musicians keep coming to record?

Not really, people are strapped for cash but the product and experience they get at The Monster Lab competes with facilities that are more than double the cost, so it kind of has helped me pluck some clients who in the past would have had the resources to go to Sonalysts but now need to conserve.

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