Ray Morant – Play & Record Music Until I Die…

A lot of people are stricken with the “American Idol sickness” and their skill level when it comes to recording is marginal.  Are you dealing with some of those kinds of people in your studio or is your clientele more bands and other musicians?

I don’t mind sicknesses related to the pursuit of performing and recording music.  I do see people more interested in the fanfare of it than the music but if they are signing my check I do the best I can to produce a prime product.


Ray Morant with Pro Artist Daryl Hayott

Where do see yourself in five years?

Good question that I think myself and many musicians don’t ask themselves.  I guess I’d like to kick everything up a notch and be writing and recording more of my own music and develop online and local vehicles to sell it.

Where do you see your studio in five years?

Loaded with more high end gear and able to pick and choose my projects.

Monster Lab Recording Studios is well worth the visit.  Ray is a dynamite engineer and artist.  Need some bass or some guitar added for your session?  Don’t worry, he’s there for that and can do it well.



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