Saara Sallinen – Two Jobs, A Guitar and the Responsibility of Music

We’re sharing the inspirational story of Saara, a young lady with two jobs and a guitar.  She recently picked up the guitar and started learning how to play it and finds that the instrument is slowly taking her on a journey deeper into music and thus deeper into herself.  Survival has her working two jobs, but music has her soul and she finds the time to practice, to write and to express herself.

While Saara is creating her first cd, she is also looking for musicians to collaborate with.  We’ve posted a clip of some of her current work. We admire where this young artist is heading.  She is someone who gets “it” and is an artist.  We don’t use the term “artist” lightly on this site.

[wpaudio url=” Trk 1.mp3″ text=”Click to hear a song by Saara – Follow Your Own Light” dl=”0″]

guitar“I grew up in Finland where I started at an early age getting into the perfomance arts. My mom plays violin and dad plays cello. My mom and my 3 sisters moved to Hungary as missionaries and later to Maryland, USA were I lived for 12 years.

I started singing in an all womens choir in church and fell in love with performing. I received some vocal training in both jazz and opera.

I spent most of my time writing poetry and absorbing the beautiful culture around me. It wasnt until 2 years ago that I decided to make music my passion. I finally feel like I have something of substance to say. I see music as a great responsibility because every word you say effects the world around you in some way. My intention is to motivate people to live the best life they can possibly lead.  Try your best!!! Just mainly a positive vibe.

The styles of music I enjoy are mainly soul, jazz, hip hop and electronic music.  I played with a reggae band. Pior to that I jammed with some amazing musician friends I met here. I’m working on putting strong messages about life and spirituality in my music.”