Sammy Morales – It’s Never Too Late

Your father was a professional boxer and you did boxing when you were younger.  Does anything that you learned from boxing apply to your path with music?

 I really enjoy the discipline of boxing and I have a gym set-up at home. Music is about rhythm and boxing is very relative.


What have you done during your life’s music career?  (Bands, local scene?)

I played sax and sang lead vocal in local groups in the early years. I played drums/vocals with various trios in L.A./Hollywood, Conga drums and percussion with a Cuban trio. Drums and was leader of the Impulse jazz group. Currently I play Piano, and am a Singer/Songwriter.


What made you decide to finally start doing original music and to release a CD?



SammyCDfinal front

About 3 years ago, I was called to do a reunion with a band called “SunBurst” I used to be their lead singer. I played that day with my childhood friend Albert Lucero, he had been writing with a production company for the late Barry White. Members of the production company were there that day. I got a call the following day to record songs meant for Barry. After about a year of studio work, I started picking at the piano and writing songs and discovered I could at last hear things like alternate bass notes and voicings that enabled me to write down what I was hearing. I started writing lyrics that are true to what I feel.


One response to “Sammy Morales – It’s Never Too Late”

  1. Sammy is a true Artist, and ALbert Lucero is basically what I call a “musical genius” The two of them together will be incredible.