Sammy Morales – It’s Never Too Late

During our conversation, you mentioned “finding your voice.”  Exactly what does that mean and how did you begin to find it?

Writing original music and lyrics brought out the best in my voice, my lyrics are very personal and heartfelt. I found my authentic voice and that feels wonderful.


Are you shooting for any specific target audience when you create music?

No, but actually I was listening to Maroon five and was inspired to write “There Was A Girl”, I actually write very late at night, I sit at the piano and just start playing. I hear things as I go and just get inspired.


What inspires what you write?

That’s really a hard question, many times I don’t have a clue I just sit calmly and let my inner spirit guide me. If nothing comes that’s ok because I will be back tomorrow.


Do you feel that it’s ever too late for someone to start working on their own musical self-expression?  

It’s Never too late!!!  As long as you’re still breathing you can give the world a gift of your-self expression.



You’re in the woodshed phase at the present.  What’s that all about?

jEWEL CASE SAMS WHAT IS LOVE.cdrI have been studying long hours to get ready to perform songs from the “What Is Love CD. ( I am currently working with a fine Saxophone Player Ken Pace and planning to work with Albert Lucero/Bass and Steve Leon/Drums to complete a very cool trio and quartet playing songs from the “What Is love” CD and the 2nd CD that myself and Albert are currently working on.


Now that this project is complete, what’s next for Sammy Morales?

Performing Live!!!!!!!!!  I’m lining up fun places to play.  

 Finishing the next CD and then starting on the next..




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  1. Sammy is a true Artist, and ALbert Lucero is basically what I call a “musical genius” The two of them together will be incredible.