Signed – Gary Ramsey


A lot of musicians and artists dream of being “signed” by a major record label.   Being signed has changed and evolved over the years as independent music labels have popped up and the major labels lay back a little more.  Major labels don’t seem to be so focused on talent as they used to be in the past, but instead in promoting “packages.”  Be young and sexy because talent doesn’t matter.  We can fix everything electronically and make money from it.

Most independent labels have it right.  They seem to be focused more so on talent.  They don’t have the age and sex barriers up.  If you’ve got the goods talent-wise, it means everything.

Gary Ramsey has all the goods.  He’s got the talent, the skills, the musicianship, the artistry and the experience.  He’s not raw talent, he’s pure talent — and he’s been this thing and worked at developing it all of his life.  Sometimes people are like that.  They can’t do anything else but what they are.  That’s how the world is really supposed to be and fortunately there are people around like Gary who do what they are 24-7, 352 days a years.   Thank you Gary for being you and for doing you and sharing your musical gifts with the rest of us.


Here’s our brief conversation with Gary:

We know someone of your talent level has been playing and composing all of your life – since you were very young.  Is there anything else besides music that you have a tremendous passion for and talent in?

I actually enjoy drawing and painting, as a child I was very adept at art…I remember wanting to be an artist drawing for comic books as a kid…LOL…then I discovered the guitar.


Most independent artists dream of the day that they are signed by a label.  Many don’t ever see that day, but you have.  Hard work has definitely paid off in your case.  Tell us who you are signed with and how did they find Gary Ramsey in the mountains of North Carolina?
I have been signed as an artist on MORBID RECORDS out of Simcoe, Canada  they actually met me on facebook when I joined the INDIE MUSICIANS LISTING page and also they got to first hear the music on Vradio out of Las Vegas. 

How is being signed with this label different from working on your own?  What are they doing for you?
It’s actually not different at all …just having a label name attached to me has opened a lot more venues for me as an artist, and they promote me and the music I do everywhere at the moment, they also have an indie internet radio show where I am in the regular rotation at



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  1. Hey guys….thanks so much…I am truly humbled and honored that you saw fit to do the interview with me, and of course I’ll share this with everyone, keep rockin and supportin us workin musical stiffs….cuz we’re out here for you….our friends and fans!
    sincerely, Gary Ramsey