Signed – Gary Ramsey

Two things:  what is the biggest thing that you would like to accomplish in life and in your career as an artist if they are two different things?


They are one and the same, but I would like to be able to live comfortably and happily with out worries over financial woes….bills are a musician’s worst enemy..LOL…


How do you measure success?  Do you consider yourself to be a successful artist?


I absolutely consider myself successful and fortunate to have a fanbase like I have and all the musical peers I have made friends with over the years, and all the great artists I have been fortunate enough to be able to write and record with.  The internet opened doors to avenues I otherwise would have never got to see. I have made lifelong friendships with fans and musicians all over the world and having their feedback and appreciation for what I do is how I call it being successful…the first time I was on stage and saw the crowd singing my lyrics back to me…all I could think was WOW!


We always like to ask an artist what’s next.  Of course we know the answer is to do more music.  But, specifically are you working on an EP (since a lot of people don’t do cds anymore), and if you are, what is it about?


I am a bust musician, at the moment I am playing in 3 bands, and still writing and recording with Pekka, and along with other songs that I write, I stay pretty busy, but an EP is in the works. It’ll be a compilation of the songs I have done over the years and it’ll be titled THE LONG WALK.


Now leave us with where people can read more about Gary Ramsey please.  And also, if folks want to see you on a stage in their area, how can they make that happen?




There will always be postings of what I’m up to and where I’m playing there.


For bookings, folks can reach me at


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