Soaring Words from Soar


I am the mountain springs that run in energetic flows towards destiny’s aim, I follow the stars of hope and give them my mirror to reflect their glow, I fight against hard rocks and gather precious shells with pearls, I stop in crystalline streams where the sun rests its beams and further pursue my course towards the deep blue sea of my eternity.


These are words from Soar, a poetic soul, a woman, an artist from Germany.  She gives us insight into her life.

You are from Romania, but settled in Germany. Why Germany?  What is the appeal?

I’ve always had a cosmopolitan character and embraced other cultures and civilizations at a soarvery young age.  Yet, Germany was for me the last country in Europe to ever consider moving to, maybe because the only thing I knew in German twelve years ago was “Guten Tag”: – ).  But, as I said once: “There are things we do that the human mind doesn’t understand, yet the same things are meant for the heart to fully comprehend”.

I decided to leave my Master’s studies, my job (back then I was teaching at a high school) and the coziness of my family for the wonderwall of love.  It was harder than I thought it would be, as I had to cope with a different mentality and people. Still, had I had a second chance, I would have done the same.

You are a translator.  How many languages do you speak and why did you decide to learn other languages?

I’ve been passionate about languages ever since I remember myself learning the first new words. It was just…fascinating to discover new words, new worlds and broaden my knowledge. My innocent “awe” for languages surprised my teachers back then, who encouraged me towards a professional career in this field. So I ended up with a university degree in translation and conference interpreting.

I still remember back in school, I was among the very few to have had friends abroad in many countries and to write a great number of letters to them. This helped in my teenage years to build up a character free of any biases, respectfully curious towards other countries, their people and culture, while still dearly preaching my own homeland’s wide array of traditions.

English was my very first true love, while French was my passionate “lover”:-) during my adolescence. I was very lucky to have had a beautiful “affaire” with France through a study scholarship at a French University. Italian was always a second mother tongue to me, while German…well, we are still having a steady, ongoing friendly relationship:-) On the side, it’s a pleasure to flirt with Spanish sometimes.

Does knowing other languages help with the poetry that you write and if so, how so?

Yes, very much, especially French and Italian due to their Latin roots.

As strange as it may sound (or read) I didn’t choose to write in English. It was the language that chose me to express its beauty. It was not Romanian, nor Italian, that would have been easier on my thoughts, but it is English that is easier on my heart and soul.

All the other languages are like a lifebelt to me when I am at loss for a certain word. Sometimes I “visit” two or three languages to find the needed “finesse” to express in the target language.

Transcribing emotions in poetry is at the same time a feather and a quagmire: it needs to be direct, passionate and precise, yet tender, mysterious and veiled to allow the readers to join in the course and bring their own emotions and passion along.

This is why I don’t embrace the spoken word current, where the artist’s performance almost chokes and takes away the viewers’ chance to participate, to follow the same course together with the writer and discover their own personal truths. Here the viewers’ choice is…to clap (or not) in the end.

I don’t want my readers to clap for me. I want them to share with me their passion in return every time they “read” me. I want them to find and live their own feelings in the most beautiful ways, through love and hope, which is the main message of my writings.  And if that is intense, then my purpose is served.


Your latest humanitarian project is: “Love For Unicef – December 2013” (Poetry against infant death and poverty, together with the Child Support and Development Program by Unicef):

How did that come about?  What was the purpose of doing this humanitarian effort?

“Love for Unicef” is a very dear initiative of mine which started two years ago when the public appreciation of my work was continuously growing. My words, my art was touching and moving many hearts, from different cultures and walks of life.  Instead of sitting back and enjoying the applause, I wanted to do more, for I preach what I teach. And if love and hope are the cause, then they must be the course.  That’s how my “LOVE for Unicef”, focusing on children and on their chance for a better future came into being.

I cannot think of a specific purpose or goal, except maybe the one already mentioned: “I believe that if you touch one heart, you have reached an entire life.” And is there a nobler purpose to find in poetry or in art if not the one to bring a spark of hope to those fragile, little human beings representing our future?  Sometimes, one smile or one good word may be enough to awaken a silent heart or a wounded soul, if not to change a life.

My humanitarian project is small, maybe a drop of blue in the world’s sea where a lot of real help is needed. My poetry helps maybe 50-100 children per year, which is nothing compared to the so many others in need of help. Yet, sometimes the little things can mean everything.


Your latest video is a collaboration:  Poetry and Beautiful People of the World (in collaboration with artists and fans from all over the world):

What was the inspiration behind that?

This is a great video which took about two years to accomplish and a lot of coping with shyness, lack of time and space disadvantages.  The idea behind it is very obvious: it is about people, from different corners of the world, different nationalities and different activities, gathered together by one single thread which twines them as one: poetry.

I love it because it’s authentic and real, without any rehearsal or script. It is about spontaneous words referred to me as an artist or my work, but actually it is mainly about people expressing themselves, their own feelings and artistry.  I thought I owe them a “live” poem in return, exclusively with and about themselves where they become the writer for a change, and poetry is the subject of reference. Their poem turned out very beautiful!


Where can people purchase your poetry books?soar-book

My books are available directly via

–         The “Purchase” page of my website:

–         Amazon: and

–         iTunes:


What can we expect from Soar in the coming year?

Yours, poetically is my new release of selected poems and quotes, some of which earned publication rights in various magazines in the UK and Germany: It is available in digital format and as a limited edition print as of 25th of March.

As for plans or ongoing projects, I wouldn’t like to divulge that yet… surprises are beautiful if they stay as such:-). I can only say that it will be about a lot of work with different artistic forms, from printed paper to recorded sound, motion pictures and animations.

But all in all, it is about people, love and life. And I hope you will join me on this path. “And if it’s a tear or a smile I evoke, it means we are human, it means we care and we love. It means we are both beautiful.”