The Artist-Producer Relationship

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Acquiring instrumentals is definitely important when putting together any type of song project. In fact, many artists go through thousands of beats before they find the few that they can truly connect with. On a similar note, finding the right producer is almost just as difficult. Years ago when the internet was not as casually used as it is today, producers and Dj’s had to sell hard copies of their music to random people and record shops. Also marketing strategies were not being used by musicians yet which made competition that much more intense, ironically.


Today, creating an album or mixtape with recording engineers, producers, graphic artists, online promo teams, etc. is as easy as clicking a button and getting to know that person through cyber space. What a way to put it but it is what it is. It has given artists, promoters, and managers an outlet to reach new people of the same interests. Not only can an artist spread their message throughout the internet but he or she may also inspire others to live on the legacy and craft of hip hop or any kind of music for that matter.



The marketing techniques and strategies of one’s self may also help them to gain exposure and teach them the essence of networking. In turn, this networking will teach them how to reach major artists and managers who are well connected in the entertainment industry. An A&R and manager can only take you so far, all the hard work you put in your music will lead up to a short yet meaningful moment of opportunity. The manager can only get you inside the label’s studio; once you’re in front of everything you have dreamed of, it is time to do what you do best. After applying the marketing strategies to reach a certain status, one may then be able to focus back on the art and continue creating something beautiful that can touch people.


Ok you’re probably thinking,” I see what this has to do with artists but what about producers? A producer like me can guide you through these steps to help you reach a reasonable goal. It also depends on your definition of reasonable because if you’re like me, an underground and online buzz along with popular Youtube music videos and doing shows are good enough for me.


My philosophy is that I don’t want to just have hip hop beats for sale available to artists; I’m also willing to build something real with them if they are ready to evolve. I want to bring out the best in an artist when the message is relatable. I just don’t want to make one beat for you. Me and my squad will produce and engineer your whole mixtape. Afterwards, my marketing department and I will use our knowledge and techniques to find fans and people who share the same ideas and beliefs with your music and statement. Our marketing team will also teach you the same methods that we use to promote our image. How many producers out there can do the same thing as my squad?



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