The Artistic Union of 8orMas

 A band is a band is a band.  When you find people that you can successfully work and create with, it’s a blessing.  You have an artistic union that allows music, lyrics and creativity in general flow from your soul.  There is nothing like that electricity or that fire once it’s ignited.  Eight Sense and Anonomas have that kind of connection – symbiotic and fruitful.  They say they are like brother and sister from other mothers. 


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How long have the two of you been working together?

Anonamas – Since 2010

Eightsense- Yea Almost 5 years. Woah

Where and how did you meet?

Eightsense – Through the band Bangladesh project. I was playing the Synth and the MPC. She joined as the singer and Tambourines! I found out through that, she actually knew my sister, and she became family. She found out I frequent Japan to do little shows and visit friends and was invited to do a show in Japan, and asked me if I’d DJ for her. I said yes, only if we can start a group. And thus, 8orMas

What made the two of you decide to start working together?

Eightsense – Musical chemistry for me. Plus I’m a funny and cool guy haha.

Anonamas – We are a comical yin-yang kinda crew, with a natural creative chemistry!

Tell us who Eightsense is.

Eightsense – I am an introvert that loves to communicate through music. I’m a spiritualist finding out who I am through life, love, and music.

Anonamas – He’s my musical brother from another mother, with some serious beat making ability.

Tell us who Anonamas is.

Anonamas- I am that “soul-n-da-hole” energy, that grabs you with my lyrics and sound.

Eightsense- She is my Sister. A class act, and


Will the two of you continue to work together long term or are you working together on specific projects that have an end date?

Anonamas -As long as there is a need and a desire for good music 8orMas will create. We will also work with other artists and solo projects b/c we embrace creativity, but the m

usic 8orMas creates will always be a welcomed element to both artists.

Anytime there is a group, there are bound to be artistic differences. How are artistic differences resolved between the two of you?

Eightsense – I’ll say through respect. We respect each other and understand each other’s stregnths and weaknesses. You can always disagree, it just matters how you approach it.

How do the two of you maintain a successful working relationship?

Anonamas- -We have become like family and have a mutual love and respect for each other.

Eight Sense – first, where did the name come from? What does it mean?

Eightsense – I had the name since I was 16. Understanding my spiritual side, I numbered some extra Senses. The number 8 represents infinity, so the 8th Sense would be a sense of God’s gift to you. So people who are born to do Music, have a special bond with it. I felt like I wanted to live my 8th Sense and decided to name myself that.

And, you’ve got a video and music production company. This involves a different team of people. Who do you work with and what are the different strengths that each person brings?

Everyone brings great things to the table. Shlomit Beladina is very business savy and she keeps me grounded with the business. Edje works on websites and advertising, and Logan helps with onsite stuff. You need a great team to be successful. We will be really putting in work next year.


Who is your client base and how do people find you?

Right now through word of mouth as we tighten up a lot of equipment. However, people can always find me on for any of there audio or video needs. Editing, mastering, DJ, Computer services etc.

Anonamas – how did you come up with your stage or artist name? What does it mean?

Anonamas -I pride myself on being a great song writer and story teller. My songs are for the unknown person, the voiceless, the underdog & the meek, and from that concept came the name “Anonamas.”

What kind of artistic things are you involved with when you are not working with Eight Sense?

Anonamas -I do a lot of work with the organization Liberated Muse, as well as work with the band Common Groove & the Bangladesh project. In addition I’m working on a project call Non-Verbal with producer ReVerb Musick. I’m in the process of getting more involved with community outreach and projects.

What is the goal of Eight Mas?

Anonamas -To continue to create their own quality of creativity for any ear that will listen.

Eightsense- and the name of the game is longevity and change someone’s heart for the better, and create some classics that will spread positivity.

Do you have an actual plan or do you play it by ear?

Anonamas-We are in the process of mapping out a strategic plan for our upcoming album OrganiChemistry.

The group traveled to Japan. We saw the video. What was that about and where did you perform?

Anonamas -This was our initial musical endeavor and our intro to the world as 8orMas. We were a part of a music tour for the Kansai music Fest. We open for a Hip Hop tour in Osaka at a spot called Club LIV, Club Tomboy, and also a live performance at the Osaka Museum of History. It was dope!!!!

Eightsense – Yes, we loved the welcome. We performed in multiple places in Osaka. It was like a Mini tour but ain’t nothing like it.

How were you received by that culture?

Anonamas- -we received a warm welcome and acceptance by both the culture and the hip hop community.8 posted

Eightsense- Yep, the welcome was very warm. I loved it. Some friends came out to see us, and in one of the clubs there was 100+ people, packed in neatly. We opened up for a nice selection of American/Japanese and Canadian cast. We shut it down. I also, loved getting lost in Japan at 2am trying to find my hotel and seeing the elderly riding their bikes in the pitch black with no fear.

What kinds of things did you learn about yourselves from being in Japan?

Anonamas- I learned that we should never sell ourselves short or doubt our creative ability. Good music is welcomed everywhere.

Eightsense- We love performing. The studio work is great. However, performing is what makes me want to rhyme. It’s all about that connection with the audience, and knowing that you are making someone’s day better.

What’s the future like for the two of you as a group and as individuals?

Anonamas – Unlimited possibilities for both the group, as well as individually. When people hear what we can bring to the table either jointly or separately, we can’t be denied. As long as we continue our path with positive energy, we are unstoppable!!

Eightsense- I think for 8orMas we will continue to grow and expand our horizons as a group.

Eightsense- I think Anonamas will definitely continue to find places/venues and avenues to display her message and showcase her undeniable God-given talent.

Eightsense -For me, I see myself continue to grow with compositions and beats. I want to, and will break out my shell


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