The Best Drummer in the World



Is there really such a thing?  No, I mean really?  For anyone you name, someone else can name someone who is a step ahead.  Their knowledge of music extends far beyond the person you can name.  So then, think of someone else and guaranteed there is someone better than that person.

You may think that someone who has a massive drum set really kicks.  Some of those famous guys can do these “amazing” solos on their “sponsored” massive drum sets, but when you look, you can see they use cheat pedals for the bass drum.  They’re not really hitting all of those beats.  There are some really incredible drummers out there who don’t need and don’t use cheat pedals for the bass drum.

The goal is fully appreciate real music and give props to those real musicians who real have chops.  There is no such thing as the “best” drummer, but there are those who are a cut above the rest.  A lot of them are African American, African and of African descent, for instance those in South America.  A lot of these musicians  are genuine.  They ARE music.  They ARE rhythm.  They are true Earth people and their descendants.  Go to Africa and tell one of those masters that you know the greatest drummer in the world.  You will get a strange look and perhaps laughter.  Rhythm is in the soul.  Who would or could have better rhythm than those who come from where rhythm (and all music) originated?

Do a search and take a look.  You will find that some of those drummers that you idolize really aren’t that great.  They’re average drummers who for whatever reason, got a break.  But at least they have great gear. 

Here’s a little something that tells you about rhythm. Don’t just listen to it, feel it and maybe even try to dance to it!



Also, about African drumming, dancing and music – everything is saying something!  The movements and the music are not just random.  Everything has meaning.  – Enjoy!