The Greats Series – Michael

Somestimes our little planet is grace with gods of varying sorts who have the power to change things on a global scale.  Their talent is unquestionable.  Their appeal is undeniable.  Millions all over the globe embrace these sacred individuals who the Creator sends to us to show us about our own lives. 

I believe without question that Michael Jackson was one of those sacred people.  His entire life was love.  In all of the music he left us, he asked us to look at ourselves and to find what we needed to fulfill ourselves.  He was an international icon who, unfortunately, was subjected to America’s blatent racism against all people of color. 

He was THE KING.  There has never been another equal to him.  He wasn’t a carefully prepared and marketed package who did not possess inate talent.  He was the real thing.   He was love.  The people of the Earth cannot collectively embrace such magic coming from a single human being.

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