The Involvement of Lights, Camera, Action!



Submitted by Desiree Boise

Lighting is so important in the livest of artists, whether it’s about lighting for film, photography, or for the music studio, it makes or breaks everything.

lightsLighting is important because it sets the ambiance of a room and creates a mood.  You can get to a studio that has lighting that creates that kind of feeling an experience in your soul and it makes you relax.  When you’re relaxed you can create more easily because it’s so much easier to focus on the work.

Perfectly placed lights also make your work area functional.  In addition to creating the mood, you can place lighting where you need it most.  In other words, the shadows and the light fall in the right places.  Your work station is properly lighted to allow you to see your equipment and instruments.  Gauges and other readings can be seen with great ease.


The attractiveness of a place that has strategically placed  functional lighting and decor will make your clients want to return again and again.

For filmmakers and photographers, lighting is absolutely everything.  Needless to say, but we will say it any way, without lights – you don’t have a product.  Lighting for film and photography is a learned process. You need an education that can be gained through formal training or, if you are very self-motivated, through extensive research, study and practice and application.  It would also help to get a lot of hands on experience by volunteering to work with someone or getting an internship.

Natural sunlight is a blessing and is so beautiful.  But we need a balance of both depending on your location and exactly what you are doing.

And who will set up your lighting and build your studio or workspace?  We all have a friend who knows a friend.  But, it is probably best to use a professional.  You want someone with a very creative eye for the design and layout of your space and for the electrical work that needs to be done, you must have someone who knows what they’re doing.


Desiree is a designer, visual artist, stay at home mom and writes for european lighting tips.