The Top Ten Success Don’ts

the author, Gyasi Govan
the author, Gyasi Govan

A phenominal young man.

When Gyasi was a young teenager, his mother brought him to a professional African drummer and dancer for drumming lessons.  At the end of that one lesson, the instructor said to her, “Gyasi needs to play for me in my performance troupe.”
So at the age of thirteen, Gyasi played professionally with Abdoulaye Sylla.  And, that was just one of many offers from a variety of areas that he’s had in his young life.
Now, a grown man, Gyasi plays multiple instruments, breakdances, creates music, will be releasing a CD soon, and had a business called Elite Inner Power.
I am sharing an article he wrote about targeting-in on what you really want to accomplish.  So many artists want to do music and only music, but  we end up getting bogged down with everything else that we have to deal with in life.  Hopefully, you’ll find a little inspiration from reading Gyasi’s Top Ten Success Don’ts.