The Top Ten Success Don’ts

Top Ten Success Don’ts
Every person out there, especially you, has his/her own special abilities and potential to achieve whatever they set their mind to. Sadly due to the wrong mindset, that true potential is never reached. There are many reasons why most us in our own minds are unsuccessful. But I am going to express what I believe are the top ten. I want to share them with you so you can become aware of them, and ultimately drop some of these habits or traits, whatever you want to call them. Lets get started right now.


Yup, everyone knows their guilt in this area. If there is an important task you must get started on, by all means, START NOW! Not tomorrow or a month from now, right now! There will never be a perfect time or place to start, so start now! I honestly believe that procrastination causes time to speed up. You say “Okay, I’ll start next week”, next week comes “okay, next week” and so on. Whatever the task is, it is always on the back of your head. And you know you were supposed to start last night. No more of this, this has to change. This is one of the first crucial steps to doing anything, do it right away!

9. Comfort

Think of where you are in your job. Whether you like it or not, it’s money right? And for the time being, it sure beats getting a whole new different job starting from square one, when you’re already at square 9 or 10, right? As well as the fact that for many of you it has taken quite some time –  1, 3, 8, 15, 20 years to establish yourself, which you do not want to go to waste, correct? We can safely agree that you are for the most part comfortable with your situation. You do not feel the need to go outside of your comfort zone and try something new or different. If you want to accomplish things for your SELF, and not your BOSS, you have to be willing to sometimes venture outside of the comfort zone.

8. Fear

One big reason we as human beings choose not to go outside our comfort zone is fear of the unknown. Whether it be fear of loss, change, or fear of fear itself, no one will give it a try. This is how fear, comfort and procrastination team up and stop you from ever stepping up to the plate, let alone getting started. IF you let go of fear, the sky’s the limit. The biggest risk is not taking one!

7. Overwhelming

Getting started is just the first small hump with even bigger ones to follow. Seeing where you need to go, and seeing all the obstacles obscuring your view can be too much too handle sometimes. Most of the time success, however you define it, is a far, far, far path, the kind that makes it easier to just turn around and go back. You must learn to break a big task into smaller steps that can be completed daily.

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