The Top Ten Success Don’ts

6. Boring effect

If you do not make what you’re doing fun and interesting, you will become bored with it and eventually withdraw completely from your task. You might even have to question whether it is a smart move to even consider going on with certain tasks you might be doing, because deep down it is not something in your heart that you enjoy doing or can tolerate. Be creative as to not lose interest, and always follow your heart.

5. No Urgency

Treat the tasks you complete yourself like the tasks you do for your job. If you hope to make a big change with where you are in your life, you must place whatever that is in high regard. When it comes to yourself, it’s very easy to hold low importance on tasks beneficial for you. There is no pressure to get them done, usually there is no pay, and you don’t have to report to anyone. It’s very easy to forget about. If you want big change, treat it with big importance.

4. Unaware of self-improvement

I had a friend who wanted to become an entreprenuer and quit his job. He had goals of making $60,000/yr from his own business. As soon as you set a goal such as that, you need to aquire the right mentality and responsibility to live up to it. But he was still heavily involved in his job and took his business lightly. There would be no way for him to be making that kind of money with the mindset he had at the time. The only way he can make that a reality is to become more professional and have a higher self-esteem, which he did not care about. Bettering yourself in the best ways possible towards your success, is the only way to success.

3.  Short-term thinking

The only way to ultimately get by in this world is to look at the big picture. Nothing happens overnight, even the lotto (you have to wait 3-5 weeks after you claim the money). Many people today fall victim to wanting results NOW, and if that doesn’t happen, they are through with whatever they signed up for. Do you honestly think Bill Gates got what he wanted in one year? Absolutely not. It took him more than a decade to get to where he is and to maintain it. He knew he had to stay in for the long run and make decisions based on that.

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